Ana Sofia Martins


ana sofia martins2Ana Sofia Martins is a Portuguese model, who has worked with large brands such as Benetton and MAC, and a actress who recently appeared on a series for channel TVI.

BirthdayNovember 29, 1986

Born: Lisbon, Portugal


Famous for:  Model, Actress

Instagram: @miss_ana_sofia

Twitter: @miss_ana_sofia



Ana Sofia Martins grew up in the tough neighborhood of Outurela in Lisbon.  Ana was born to a Portuguese mother and Cape Verdean father.  She was raised with her younger brother by his godparents.  Spending weekends with her father Ana didn’t finish high school.

When she was 14 years old she was approached on the street by a modeling agency.  She joined DXL modelling agency and she won the Look Models Search in Turkey in 2002 which led to her modelling internationally.

Ana Sofia participated in numerous advertising campaigns, starting with Benetton , who catapulted to fame, followed by others such as MAC and Victoria’s Secret.  She has shot fashion editorials for Marie Claire , Glamour , Cosmo Girls , among many others and modeled for Narciso Rodriguez , Perry Ellis and Baby Phat .

In July 2012, Ana Sofia won the MTV Portugal VJ (Video Jockey) Casting role.

In April 2014  she presented the ceremony of Sophia Awards at the Portuguese Film Academy.

In 2015 Ana Sofia starred in the soap A Única Mulher “A Single Woman” on channel TVI.    She won ‘Women Personality’ of the year, elected by the readers of Lux and users of the site, due to this role.

In 2017 she is due to star in the film O Tempo e Dez Mulheres “Time and Ten Women”.

Ana Sofia Martins is represented in Portugal by agency L’agency.

Ana is dating basketball player Thomas Barroso.  She lives in New York City, where she practices Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism and states “Buddhism changed my life for the better, I now see the light in the end of the tunnel, and I chant for kosen-rufu (widely spread Buddhism)”.



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GQ December South Africa

GQ: Is being on television more intense than you expected?

Ana Sofia: I knew it was going to be intense, but it’s only when you actually experience it that you realise just how much. I spend 12 hours in the studio.  I get home and I have to study scripts for the following day, and the number of scenes can be anything between two and thirty! e work never ends, but it’s just as well; otherwise I’d get bored.

GQ: Does it get complicated?

AS: ere was this one time when I was told, ‘Just do it right the rst time; that way you don’t have to repeat.’ And I follow that, word for word. e most complicated scenes, or the most intimate ones – I always get them right the rest timearound.

GQ: How does the world of fashion compare to being in a soapy?
How have you found dealing with the public?

AS: I think I’m still learning to deal with the public that follows me now. e fashion public is di erent, and more sophisticated, more specialised. Now it is a broader public, and a public that expresses itself in a harsher way. ere is nothing gentle about it, they either love you or they hate you. I’m trying to deal with it the best way I can and not take things personally, because this public sees my character and Ana So a as one and the same. e younger people are better at di erentiating but every now and then they also surprise me.

GQ: You had to give up a lot to get to where you are now. Does sacrifice pay off?

AS: I think everything that’s happened was for a reason. Even so, there were moments when I thought to myself, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ But now I understand: it was to get to this point I’m at today, and here, talking to you.

GQ: Did you experience any prejudice when you entered the world
of fashion?

AS: On the contrary. I was very well received, especially by people I was used to seeing. For example, Ana Bola, Ana Zanatti, Catarina Avelar, Nicolau Breyner – they’re all people who I saw grow in that industry and they would compliment me, and send me text messages with words of encouragement. Even today I’m still stunned. ereactionsweremuchmorepositivethannegative.

GQ: You have a very healthy relationship with social media. How much
of yourself do you reveal?

AS: If you give the news yourself and inform people, you leave no space for certain magazines to make things up, even though I have a great relationship with the press. Of course you don’t reveal what you don’t want to be revealed. I see social media as the future.

GQ: You’ve had to start your career from scratch. What have you taken from that experience?

AS: I’ve already had to start from scratch so many times, in so many things. e advantage is the baggage we bring from before. A baggage I make a point of not erasing, so I can remember the mistakes that I don’t want to make again. I’ve already had to start again from scratch professionally, nancially, emotionally, and, every time I’ve done so, I’ve never had any certainty of anything. You don’t know what’s going to come out of it, what life has in store for you, but every time it has happened, life just got better for me.

Will debut as an actress in the next novel TVI “A Single Woman”. How did you face this challenge?  I am a person who dives head and my life has been all well. After entering the things is that I realize the responsibility that entails and make the click. However, it is that makes me click perfectionist and will not let me stagnate. Since I returned to Portugal two years ago, life has me running beautifully. I started with MTV, I was a little to the SIC Mulher ( “My life took a blog”) and now I’m in TVI.

Furthermore, Ana Sofia enters this novel as one of the protagonists. This brings you some concern? I would not say afraid … When my agent called me and said he would enter the novel, found it to a secondary role. When she told me she was going to be a protagonist, I thought “Oh! And now?”. Now, now, it is to work, because if I accepted this challenge have to prove to people that believed in me that I am up to. And I think I am, because with all work if you can. My colleagues have been very generous with me and I hope people are also and realize that this is my debut in the representation. If you see an episode and do not like, they see two or three more to be sure! (Laughs).

Are you prepared for criticism? Criticize with discretion is a very important thing and I think that the Portuguese could be a little bit better about it. Sometimes we let ourselves be influenced by the opinions of others.

But often let themselves be influenced by the criticism?  No, because I’m already criticized since 14 years. Or because I’m not high enough, or because I lack rabiosque, or because I have boobs, or because I’ve been ill in the parade … My profession as a model helped me to have a callus to life that allows me to handle it well. I like constructive criticism and I am working to ensure that this novel is a success and to live up to my “co-star” (Lawrence Ortigão).

And it has done to prepare? I have done much ‘coaching’, soon began in the summer, barely knew would come in the novel. In addition, Lawrence is a super-generous actor and I think he could not have chanced me a better colleague.

The story of his character in “A Single Woman” revolves around prejudice and racism. Ana Sofia ever felt discriminated against?  Already, in my profession, but I always relativizo. Racism, to me, is an ignorant feeling and I can only feel compassion and pity for these people. I hope this story helps to cure these ills that some people have.Racism heals the heart and that’s what people have to understand.

This being the first novel to address these issues, it brings you an added responsibility?  There is a weight on the responsibility of being the first, therefore, you have to do well. We must begin to demystify some of the prejudices that exist in relation to black and white and this novel help either.

Entering the novel, as will be their other professional projects, such as the blog, the program on SIC, fashion?  The program ended in SIC, my blog is maintained and MTV let me open the door, because we have a very close relationship. I am now one hundred percent dedicated to this TVI project.

How will be your character?  It will be the “Mara Venancio”, 25, a nurse, a very strong personality of women who will fight for a great love and encounter many obstacles, starting with the skin color. The color continues to be a barrier. I hope the complicity and the chemistry between my character and the Lawrence pass there to house because we like each other very much the same.

In the background, will play many of the aspects of your real life …  In some things yes, in others no. The “Mara” when you have a problem is clinging to him, and I did not. I have to overcome the problems, because I think if we stay stuck in the past, our lives will never evolve.I’ve had so many problems in my life or family level or on my route, which had been caught up in what would not be here today to be the protagonist of a novel. That excites me.

You feel he can be an example? I come from a medium that is not color pink and I think there are many girls who look at me as an inspiration. I believe that this project will make them dream, will make them believe that you can also happen to them what happened to me. I’m here as Ana Sofia, but also as Maria, Cristina, Neuza … all the girls who look at me and see me as inspiration and are in their neighborhoods, as I’ve been, thinking, ‘Does a day I’ll get? “. Go get it! Luck exists, but it also worked.

As has been the reaction of your family and your boyfriend?  I have received support from all my family especially my brother, who is an actor, and my boyfriend. The Thomas (boyfriend) is super-happy for me, help me to rehearse at home there, although always descend into laughter, because he begins to read as if it were poetry. But it’s good because it calms me. All have helped me and like you were able to convey how I’m really happy. Dreams come true and I am proof of that!




[7] GQ South Africa December 2015 [Photos by: Bratislava Simoncik]