Asahina Aya

ashAsahina Aya
is a Japanese idol / model and TV star of Iwantoi-tei elsewhere!

Birthday: October 6th, 1993

Born:  Hyogo, Japan

Famous for:  Actress

Twitter: @asahina18a

Instagram: @asahina_aya



Asahina Aya graduated from Hyogo Sumoto business high school.  In school she had the gift of athletics and ran the 100m in 12.8 seconds and has a long jump has a record of 5m 30cm.  After graduating from high school she studies for one-year in obstetrics and gynaecology and served as an assistant midwife.

In 2014 she joined the Ikushima Planning Office.  In October 13th 2014 she won the DHC Grand Prix Cinderella Award.  DHC is a large cosmetics company and the winner of the competitions wins a contract to star in its commercials.

She was selected as the 2015 San-ai swimsuit image girl and became an exclusive model of the woman’s magazine Ray.

In October 2015 Asahina Aya was named the new MC of talkshow “Iwantoi-tei elsewhere!”


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Please tell us about the chance to have applied to the “DHC Cinderella Award 2015?

“Because I had been wanting, for a long time, from elementary school sixth grade to be a  model, I applied for the chance for my dream come true”

From among many candidates, the moment was chosen in the Grand Prix and what did you think?

“When the spotlight stopped at me,” Oh, my!  I could not believe it,  “my head became clouded over …. I do not remember well what I said in my speech (laughs)”

It has been working as a model, such as the current fashion magazines, the opportunity is?

and “is the scout. junior high school, but also in high school I was multiplied by the voice in Kobe, that time is against the parents each time it is. scout, to parents longing and passion to the model in my The described has been. And so finally got the OK at the time of the 20-year-old last year, we have moved to Tokyo in order to full-scale activities as a model. ”

How was it for the dream of childhood to come true?

If you are looking at the “fashion shows and magazines, and thought “I also could do this someday”,  I never would imagine being accustomed to such a cool woman. “In particular model’s magazine, there everyone is firmly each presence Even though a photo, really longing have had. is very happy now that it was finally Fumidase one step as a model. ”

Being a model is fun?

“Sooo fun! Walking, such as human (laughs) I can research my own in a good whether Toka Walking lessons When walking in any wind in order to look beautiful in. And that you wear a lot of favorite clothes in the shooting of the fashion magazine since it is, it will be exciting when the shooting every time. “



[5] Weekly Playboy Nov 2015 [Photos by Yanishi Seiji]