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caileeCailee Spaeny is a pop singer and movie actress, who is due to make her first major movie appearance in Pacific Rim 2.



Famous for: Actress, Singer



Cailee Spaeny appeared in the short film Counting to 1000, a crime thriller examining the idea that good and evil is not always black and white, released in May 2016.  She had a short role in the movie The Shoes, about two shattered families struggle to survive tragic events, released in December 2016.

Cailee Spaeny released her single Fallin’ in July 2016 under Future Town Music Group based in Los Angeles.

Spaeny hit the headlines after being named as one of the lead female stars, in the role of Amara, for sequel Pacific Rim 2 currently titled Uprising.  She is to star alongside John Boyega and Scott Eastwood.   In 2018 she can be seen in the movie On The Basis of Sex based on the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Cailee is signed with agency Innovative Artists and moved to WME in April 2017.


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