Emily Skye Anderson

emilysEmily Skye Anderson
is a catwalk model turned fitness model with various programs to promote healthy living.

BirthdayJanuary 7th, 1986

BornNew South Wales, Australia

Famous for:  TV Star, Fitness Expert, Model

Instagram: @emilyskyefit



Emily Skye Anderson was born in New South Wales, Australia.   Always interested in fashion, fitness, make-up and photography, she started modelling.   Her modelling career began when she posed on advert for Aero Chocolate in 2005 which featured on billboards and buses.

Emily continued her career featuring in various ads, appearing on TV shows and catwalks including music videos.

After 11 years of modelling Skye started fitness training and decided to branch into fitness modelling.  She decided it was better to be stronger, gain muscle and become as healthy as she could.

She entered a covergirl competition for the Australian Oxygen Magazine and made it to the top 5.  She decided to compete in her first Figure and Fit Body competition in September 2011.   She was the winner of WNBF Miss Figure & Fit Body.

She launched her own brand ‘Emily Skye 30 Day 2 Shred’ in February 2013 with Steve Evans, the husband of fitness queen Ashy Bines.  In 2015 Emily started legal proceedings for the amount of $500,000 for allegedly using her money for his other businesses and failing to promote hers effectively. 

She is signed with Model Mayhem.


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What Is Your Workout Routine?

I don’t have a routine! I always change up my workouts and do something different. I barely ever repeat the same workout unless it has been a while since I last did it. This way my body is always guessing and it doesn’t adapt or plateau. I no longer strain myself trying to lift as heavy as I possibly can, I do more high intensity training involving circuits, intervals and sprints. I find it much more enjoyable and I love the results I get from this type of training. Instead of spending hours in the gym I get my workouts done quickly!

Top 3 Favourite Exercises And Why?

Cleans, heaves & sprinting.

Favourite Form Of Cardio?

Circuits or intervals

Maniac fitness

How do you stay motivated?

– I have a clear picture of my goal – it’s nearly impossible to achieve something if you don’t even know what it is you actually want.

– I look at photos of the body I want every day, every time I feel unmotivated I look at the photos and remind myself of what I want & why I want it! If I feel like eating something naughty I look at the photos. I do allow myself some cheat meals every now and then though.

This is the MOST important thing to remember:
You don’t just become motivated & that’s it you are forever motivated! You have to work on it every day. It’s the same with everything in life. If you want to change something that you’re unhappy about you have to make an effort everyday. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy food, being a doormat – whatever it is – the same rule applies! You’re reprogramming yourself to think & act differently to how you were previously.

It takes time & it won’t happen instantly & the beginning is the hardest part, but if you keep at it, it will get easier every day & eventually it will become part of who you are. The good news is, if you stick to it you will never have to go back to where you started ever again! 🙂

If you want something bad enough you will work hard to get it.