Emma Kuziara

emma-kEmma Kuziara, professional name Emma K, is a British Glamour Model and Page 3 girl.

Birthday:  January 12th, 1993

Born: Derby, England

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: @emmakmodel

Twitter: @emma_k_model

known as Emma K



Emma K was born and raised in Derby. At the age of 16 she entered the world of glamour modelling and at 18 signed with Kelly’s Glamour Models.

Emma Kuzaira attends the University of Nottingham studying sociology.

Emma has posed for a range of publications including The Sun, The Daily Star, The Sport, Nuts and Zoo Magazine.Emma has featured as a page 3 girl in The Daily Star six times and, according to Zoo, she is one of ‘Britain’s sexiest students’.

She has actively campaigned against a movement wishing to ban nudity in newspapers.  Kuziara has spoken out against the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign, saying, “I just don’t see why it would harm anyone.  If you don’t want to look at it, that’s fine, just skip the page. It’s become one of the main features of the paper and to get rid of it just seems a bit pathetic really.”

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“I have always wanted to be a model,” she said. “I have always loved being in front of a camera and the attention that comes with it, ever since I was 11 that was all I wanted to do.Unfortunately I have always been too small so haven’t been able to do fashion and catwalks or anything like that… I’m too tiny. But I like glamour modelling. It’s far more fun than other forms of modelling.”

“I keep it really separate. People generally don’t know about the modelling as I don’t ever tell them!

“I keep it separate because it’s just a job at the end of the day. It’s not too personal on my Twitter, mainly pictures – that’s what gets me followers and that’s what they want to see. They don’t want to see what I am doing at home with my Granny and Grandad.”

“Yes, it is well paid, but it depends on how many jobs I get given a month.

“So if you get a few jobs you’re earning quite a big amount of money, but if you’re only getting one then it’s not the same.”



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