Glenda Proby (Gizzle)

Glenda Proby, known as Gizzle, is a songwriter and rapper who has worked with notable names in the music industry.

Birthday: N/A

Born: USA

Famous for: Rapper/Songwriter

Instagram: @imgizzle



Glenda Proby, artist name Gizzle, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles with her grandmother.  She wrote poems and song lyrics from a young age and at 16 began rapping around the city.  At 17 her notable talent was picked up by a producer who offered her a contract which she declined.  Proby had decided to work as a songwriter and to have the freedom to write what she wanted.

Gizzle has been a ghostwriter for many hip-hop tracks and composed for famous names such Kanye West, Travis Scott and Puff Daddy.  Gizzle met Puff Daddy whilst working with rapper Meek Mill and soon after Gizzle began working with Puff on his MMM mix tape and No Way Out 2 album.  In 2015 Puff Daddy and The Family’s single You Could Be My Lover, featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Gizzle was the biggest opportunity for her to expose herself to public.  That same year she signed to Bad Boy Records.

In January 2017 Gizzle released a mixtape named 7 Days in Atlanta, the city where “black excellence” had inspired her.  She also appeared with Lupe Fiasco on Jump.

Gizzle is open about her sexual preference and attraction to females which she describes in more detail in her lyrics.


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