Mara Roldán


mara roldan1Mara Roldán is the hottest model out of Colombia and one to watch as she breaks through to acting.

Birthday: na

BornMedellín, Colombia

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: @mararoldan12

Twitter: @mararoldan



Mara Roldan was born in Colombia and studied Social Communication at the Universidad Pontifical Bolivarian.  She thought about a career in medicine but realised she didn’t like the sight of blood and so opted for media. 

Her first job was with TV channel Teleantioquia.  Mara then devoted her career to modelling and worked for clothing brands such as Babalú, introduced Latin Angels Special for Directv and appeared in the video of vallenato singer Pipe Pelaez.  She also done a shoot for Soho Magazine in 2013, a Colombian men’s magazine in a similar vein to Playboy.

Roldan moved to Bogota where she studied Performance in an effort to become an actress.

In 2015 she appeared in Maxim magazine.  She also started a instagram account aimed for fitness and health called @marafit.

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Maxim Spain March 2016

What is the sexiest part of your body?
The abdomen.

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done in your life and was it fun?
I entered more than once in nightclubs as a minor with the ID of my older sister. Bad girl!

And what’s more interesting place you’ve had sex?
On a beach.

A song for a romantic date?
All Marc Anthony

Have you received any indecent proposal throughout your career as a model or hostess ? How did you react to it?
Yes, once I got one. I just ignored it.



[4] FHM Magazine Spain March 2016 [Photos by ARCHIE ROJO and JORGE JIMÉNEZ]