Matsumoto Ai

Matsumoto Ai1Matsumoto Ai (松本愛)
, also known as Matsumoto Love, is a Japanese fashion model.

Birthday:  April 5, 1994

Born:  Saitama, Japan

Famous for:  Model

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Twitter: @ Maapipi45

Instagram: @Maapipi45

also known as Maapipi



Matsumoto Ai grew up in Saitama Prefecture and is half Filipino from her mother’s side.  She has a nickname of “Mapipi”.

Her first job was working in a Donut shop when she was a freshman in high-school.
In her second grade of high school she debuted in the fashion magazine  “Popteen”.  

She is currently signed to Vu~izumikku Co., Ltd. (Vithmic Co. Ltd).

Ai is a regular model for Popteen and Nicky magazines.


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What was your first job?
Matsumoto: When I was a freshman at high school, the first is that was a part-time job at the donut shop. And it was a simple reason I called "sweet things because it is love," and "Because worked are clerk was cute", voice out and register strike, it is the work of arranging clean donut also was fun.

then, but it was your debut as a model.
Matsumoto: Yes, my debut was during second-year of high school. Although I had been longing to be a model since I was in junior high school, because I was really liked Megane-kko at the time, I thought also I would be embarrassed to speak about such a dream .... 

or to be your work from a student as a model, there was no hesitation?
Matsumoto: Because had been longing to be a model, there was no hesitation. If I had continued to be a ordinary high school student, I think that I was aiming for a shop clerk or hair and makeup artist.

What are the things in the future, you want to challenge in your job? 
Matsumoto: Since I began recently acting lessons, and we want to leverage that experience. At that time, no eyelashes were put on, as we want to compete on natural looks. I want to try a high school role.

Finally, for the same generation of girls, please tell me the secret of a dream come true.
Matsumoto: Decide the goal little by little, I think it would be to act toward the bottom. I have I had wanted to do much the model, it does not change anything and only have still thought in mind. For example, I think that it is different lot just to remark that "I'm want to be my model." Yet also a child of the stage looking for a dream, "Do not I like this kind of, fun Na" in that it try to anyway act because I think be able to notice me, "I do not know well, I can either try!" In light I feel it's, please try to experience the many things!



[3] Young magazine (Photos by Hirokazu)

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