Okawa Ai

okama ai4Okawa Ai 
( (大川藍), born July 17, 1993) is a Japanese idol, fashion model, actress and a member of a female idol group Idoling!!!.

Birthday:  July 17, 1993

Born: Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan

Famous for:  Model, Idol

Official Webpage: http://yaplog.jp/lp-okawaai/

nicknamed “Ai-chan”



Okawa Ai is the youngest of three children; she has two older brothers.  From an early age, watching Morning Masume, she longed to audition as an idol.

In March 2006, her mother was found a newspaper advertisement for a audition for a TV CM production under the SoAkira umbrella and she was admitted to “SOEI Talent School,” “STS DANCE STUDIO”

She joined in September 2007 to the “STS DANCE STUDIO Talent School” belonging to the group “Cranberries”.  Her first appearance on October 20th was in the “STS studio LIVE” as a “Cranberries” members.

Okawa joined Idoling!!! as a third-generation member in 2009.

Idoling!!! (アイドリング!!!) is a Japanese TV show with a female idol group created by Fuji TV. The concept of the group is to watch as the girls grow as idols and experience various things. The group currently has 24 active members from various talent agencies and Okawa quickly established herself as one of the most popular members.   She is known as an active participant of sports event within the group, especially sumo and badminton tournament. In 2012, she made her modeling debut for an influential Japanese fashion magazine JJ.  

On April, 2015, Okawa became the Saturday weather presenter for “Going! Sports & News” on Nippon Television Network.


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Okawa, idling! ! ! Although your success as a member, do you dislike the model? 
Okawa: how to show is it completely different. But, Nde my own character is a together, there is also the part that is common in that sense. Was to make Mr. Toka never be the seen only in the magazine, is said Truly I can, "I father-ish" "I some gaps" (laughs).


- It was different facial expression as compared to the previous shooting of today. 
Is Honma? It passed the idling !!!, but I made a round four years, I think it I Na are asked to let the amazing study period in idling !!!. Then, ask them to do it the model, it has changed from the heart. Even in shooting as Idol, I feel like with confidence get to take in the stance Tteyuu "Please take me."

- Do you there is a difference between their Idol of himself and his model? 
Model is something, it's a Okay in naturally. My in image basis. But when it comes to idle, is not it wants if there is a person looking and eyes. So Nde Looking At Camera is the main, because I want you to look cute, and a little nervous. At first I thought Nde cover of also this time, do Kana neat feeling good like Moraeru happy as Idol? If you think Toka, I was a little nervous (laughs).

- Twenty years old this year. It is increasingly dominating likely to model to idle. 
I thought from doing the model and not red, such woven into beautiful by raising the women's force, and a hella hormone love, that sweet things useless, I'll taste'm a another father, Honmani (laughs). It combines both the women's force and father force, and with properly a sense of responsibility, I want to be an adult woman.



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