Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio is a singer and song writer from Miami whose unique and sublime vocals have gained positive reviews.

Birthday: September 19th, 1996

Born: Miami, Florida

Famous for: Singer, Songwriter




Sabrina Claudio grew up in Miami around the music of the salsa and meringue which influenced her later in life.  She was born to Cuban and Puerto Rican parents and moved to Los Angeles to start her music career.

She became incredibly popular through YouTube and SoundCloud and was known for posting covers of popular artists such as Beyonce and Willow Smith.  Her YouTube channel was titled UrbanPouvoir and she posted her first song cover of Beyonce’s “Halo” in February of 2012.

Her debut EP, called Confidently Lost, was released in March 2017 featuring 6 songs.  Sabrina released the single Unravel Me in May 2017 which went on to chart at number 22 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart.  Her second single from the same project was Belong to You, which peaked at number 2 in July, becoming Claudio’s biggest hit.

Claudio announced in August 2017 that she was going on tour with Atlanta rapper 6lack on his Free 6lack Tour in North America.  6lack also remixed her single Belong to You.

On October 5th, 2017 Claudio released her debut mixtape About Time through SC Entertainment.  The mixtape, which also blended elements from electronic, jazz, and Latin music, was supported by her two biggest singles: Unravel Me and Belong to You.  About Time received generally positive reviews from critics.



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Tell me about how “Belong To You” came together.

This song was written and produced by me and the same producer who did “Unravel Me.” Any time we go in the session together, it’s like magic. We create things in just a few hours, the vibe is just there. In the song, it seems as if I’m speaking to a partner, but what I wanted to do with the video is make you understand that I’m talking to myself. There are so many mirrors in the video and I wanted to make sure that people understood it was a love song to myself.

That producer was STINT. What do you like about working with him?

He is a recent producer that I came across. The first time we met was when we created “Unravel Me” and working with him is just incredible. Working with him after working on Confidently Lost was a complete upgrade. I’m still in love with the rest of the music that I’ve done, but working with him — I don’t know what it is. He does everything by himself and he’s so fast and collaborative. He’s on another level.

The aesthetics in all your videos are so strong and put together. What compels you to make it so complete?

I want the visuals to be aesthetically consistent, but conceptually there. The visuals are so important to me because aside from the songwriting there’s another story that can be told with the visuals. Collaborating with these directors for these visuals has been amazing, too.

What do you think about growing up in Miami made helped your music?

I’m Cuban and Puerto Rican and Miami is very Cuban oriented. Growing up around the music — all of the salsa and meringue influenced me as an artist. I find myself gravitating to latin influences, sounds. The main part of living in Miami is that you have to learn how to dance salsa.