Sam Faiers

sfSam Faiers
 is reality TV star and model, made famous by the The Only Way Is Essex TV series.

Birthday:  December 30, 1990

Born:  Brentwood, Essex, UK

Famous for:  Model, TV star

Twitter:  @samanthafaiers

Instagram:  @samanthafaiers1



Sam Faiers was born in BrentwoodEssex.   Their parents split up when Sam and Billie were very young and their mother later married David Chatwood.

Her stepfather Chatwood was arrested in 2011 after plotting to steal £1.1million in gold and silver bullionbut was released in May 2013.

On 10 October 2010, Sam first appeared in The Only Way Is Essex.   She continued to star in the show for 4 years.  During these years she was had off-and-on relationships Mark Wright and Joey Essex.  

The second series of the show saw Sam’s sister Billie joined the cast.

In January 2014, Faiers entered the Celebrity Big Brother house to compete in the thirteenth series.  Faiers made the final on Day 27 but finished in fifth place.  

In March 2014, Sam announced that she would be taking a break from The Only Way Is Essex after the end of its eleventh series, due to a lack of storylines, her recent Crohn’s disease diagnosis, and to work on her relationship with Joey.

As of April 2015 Sam is reported to be dating property developer Paul Day.


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FHM Magazine August 2015

You’re no stranger to seeing yourself in glossy mags and tabloids, and even after our shoot there was paparazzi lurking around waiting to get a snap of you. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found a pap? Hmm, I genuinely still find it so weird that they want to get a photo of me just going to the office at my shop. I think, “C’mon, what are you gonna get? I’m just going to work, I look so scruffy!” I know that I can tweet about going somewhere and they’ll be waiting for me when I arrive there, but when I try to keep it a secret and they still turn up, that’s when I don’t get it. They always find out. I don’t know how they manage it.

You’ve met Kim K before, right? Yeah! I met her in LA. A friend invited me to a makeup launch party and she was there. She recognised my mate and we got talking. Of course we got a selfie with her.

Is her bum as in your face as in real life?  Well, I had a good look at it and it was definitely big, and she’s definitely curvaceous, but it’s nowhere near what it looks like on the internet.  

Which of your girl mates would be the first to jump into the swimming pool naked?  [Actress] Ferne McCann. And me. It’d be early on to get the party started.

I can’t imagine you do, but if you were to switch bodies with one person for one day, who’s would it be?  Nicole Scherzinger. Her body is amazing. You can tell she works out everyday, she’s still got her curves but just the perfect definition.
See, I would say you both have similar physiques!  Oh, no! She tops me! I’ll just carry on doing my sessions!



[2] FHM Magazine (Photos by Florence Keys)