Sophia Lillis

Sophia Lillis is a US actress who played one of the lead roles in horror movie It (2017) and is due to appear in TV series Sharp Objects.

Birthday: February 13, 2002

Born: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City

Famous for: Actress

Instagram: @sophialillis



Sophia Lillis was raised in Brooklyn and has a step-brother named Philip.  She stumbled into acting at the age of 7, thanks to her stepfather, who needed a her for a film class project called Virgil’s Day Off which was based on Dante’s Inferno.  From there she took acting classes at Manhattan’s Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

She made her acting debut in 2014 with the film A Midsummer Night’s Dream and later she starred in the film 37 (2016).  She won a major role in the horror film It (2017), an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, directed by Andy Muschietti.  She plays one of the lead roles as Beverly Marsh along with actors Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Skarsgård, and Jeremy Ray Taylor.

Lillis was cast in the HBO’s 8-part television series Sharp Objects in May 2017 which centers on reporter Camille Preaker (Adams).  Lillis plays a young Camille.

Lillis is signed with Abrams Artists Agency in Los Angeles.


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Sophia Lillis: Young Blood

Another interesting thing about you is your venture into photography, as seen on your Instagram. How’d you get into it? And who are your muses, or what inspires you to take a photo of any given moment?

My stepfather Chris Mellevold got me into it. He has been into photography all his life and has taken some great photos. He gave me this really nice monochrome Leica camera to borrow when I was in Toronto doing reshoots and I took a bunch of photos of the cast and crew. I like capturing people as they are. I draw a lot too, and it’s sort of the same thing–to accurately portray what I’m trying to draw.

Are there any dream directors, writers, actors, or specific genres you want to work with?

In almost everything I do, either my mother is dead or abandons me, or my father is absent or abusive; it would be nice to do a comedy someday. I would also love to work with Bill Murray.

What’s next for you?

I just started working on a new series for HBO called Sharp Objects where I play the younger version of the main character Camille, who is played by Amy Adams. Jean Marc Vallée is the director who also directed Big Little Lies and Dallas Buyers Club.








[6] [Photo: Christopher Mellevold]

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