Abbey Clancy


abbey-clancyAbbey Clancy is a professional model, TV celebrity and wife of a famous footballer!

Birthday: 10th January, 1986

Born: Liverpool, UK

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: @abbeyclancyofficial

real name Abigail Marie Clancy



Abbey Clancy is the oldest of four children born to Karen and Geoffrey Thomas Clancy.  She grew up in Liverpool and left school at the age of 16 to work in show-business.

She was a contestant on Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006 where she made it to the final but lost out to Lianna Fowler.

In 2007 Abbey appeared on the cover of Arena magazine and modelled for for magazines and newspapers.

She appeared on TV as a contestant in Hell’s Kitchen and was the third contestant voted off.

In 2009 she was engaged to Peter Crouch whom she had been dating since 2006.

In 2010 she was chosen to appear in Sports Illustrated wearing only body paint.

In 2011 Abbey Clancy signed with Elite Model Management in New York.  She gave birth to a baby girl, Sophia, in March and then in June married her long time partner Peter Crouch.

In 2013 Abbey won the eleventh series of Strictly Come Dancing with her partner Aljaž Skorjanec.

In 2014 Abbey was announced as the host for the new version of Britain’s Next Top Model.

In 2015 Abbey Clancy launched her own fragrance with Avon called Cherish Eau de Parfum.



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1. She still shops at Tesco
‘I live in there. Everything I do is completely the same as everything I did ten years ago.’

2. She gets down to Beyoncé
During her shoot for MC, she got the entire fashion team in hysterics when she started grinding to Drunk in Love on set.

3. She can’t be bothered with going to the gym
‘I need a personal trainer to make me actually go ‘cos the second I feel bad, I stop.

4. Her other friends are very cool
‘The first time I met [mega-stylist Katie Grand], she said she thought I would be a total knob, but now we’re friends and we ring each other twice a week.’

5. She’ll share her most intimate moments… maybe too intimate
‘So every time Pete and I have a party and we’ve had a few, the birth video goes on. I think everyone I know has seen it. I shouldn’t say that really, should I? Haha.’

6. She’s loves a good joke
When her publicist asked, ‘Did you drop yourself in it then, Abs?’ she replied, ‘Oh, yeah. I’ve told her all about my anorexia and my heroin addiction. And the crack habit.’

Tell us about the fragrance launch?

When Avon approached me, my first thought was how much I love the scent. I’m into musty scents like Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum- so this was right up my street. I would never be the face of something unless I really believed in it.  Plus, getting to work with my mum has been so fun.

Your mum is stunning! Have you learnt any brilliant beauty tips from her?

(Abbey pauses and looks at her mum…) No I give her all the tips! I’m lucky enough to work with amazing make-up artists and hair stylists so I tell her the tricks and what products to buy.

Now let’s talk about your incredible body. What’s the secret

(Abbeys mum calls out that it’s down to good genes.) I honestly don’t diet or work out regularly. I’m just always running around – you’ll never catch me having a day on the sofa. Theonly exercise I do is Bootcamp Pilates. The teacher Avigail is really strict and she understands me, which is what I need to keep it up.

You have such a busy schedule. What are your 3 most important beauty rituals?

I drink a lot of water.

Sleep – I really see the difference in my skin and overall appearance when I have had a good night sleep.

I always take my make-up off before bed.

“The first time I saw Pete, I knew he was the one for me and I still feel like that,” Abbey insists adoringly.

“Pete’s an incredible person, a great dad, and my best mate. I’m so proud of him,”

“He regularly whisks me off to do nice things. He says, ‘Come on, we’re going out, just the two of us’ and takes me for a meal or a spa day. He knows it’s important when you’re looking after a child, that you still do special things together.”

“I found it’s best not to care about what other people think, what matters is your family and your friends, the people who know you. I don’t live my life for other people and I’ve never tried to be something I’m not. I’ve even heard it suggested that I went on Strictly to prove I was a nice person in real life! But why would I do that? Anyway, there’s no ‘different’ side to me, I’m always just like I am.”

“I’m like the mum who makes the rules and Pete’s the fun one who takes her to the park, plays great games and splashes about with her at bathtime.”

“Becoming a mum’s my biggest achievement and I’ve loved every second of it. Every day it gets better. Sophia’s so clever it’s beyond belief, she knows all her letters and the whole Arctic Monkeys album word for word. She’s definitely a character,” she boasts.

“We both want lots more children, I think soon. Pete’s very family-orientated but he’s surrounded by women most of the time at home, so he needs a boy now otherwise he’ll turn into a girl!”



[2] DT Spain [Photos by Liz Collins]