Alison Cossenet


alison cossenetAlison Cossenet is a French actress and model, winner of Miss Languedoc and a star of Hollywood Girls TV series.

Birthday: aged 24 (in 2015)

Born: Paris, France

Famous for:  Model, Actress

Instagram: @alisoncossenet

Twitter: @CossenetAlison



Alison Cossenet’s first experience as a model was at the age of 4 years for the magazine “Family”, the London edition of the Nice IPS agency.

At the age of 11 she moved from Paris to the South of France, in the Languedoc region.

Alison Cossenet is a graduate of a vocational baccalaureate in photography from LAC.  She then worked as a hostess of an event agency.

Cossenet won the title Miss Languedoc in 2011, a female beauty contest for young women in the Languedoc region.  She was aged 19 when she won.

In 2012 she took part in Miss France and finished 6th.  She made several television appearances on South TV, TF1, NRJ12.

In 2013 she starred in the short film Vous êtes très jolie, mademoiselle’ (You are very pretty miss).  

Alison attended photography school near Montepellier before being scouted online for the role of role of Matilda in TV series Hollywood Girls, series 3 in 2013.

She has also starred in the short film Botox Fiction.

In 2016 she starred in the movie Terror Raptor by Picture Entertainment and Riot House production.



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Can you introduce yourself to the readers of the blog?

Alison Cossenet Miss Languedoc 6th 2011 runner-up Miss France 2012.

What is your assessment of your year as Miss Languedoc?

A beautiful balance, fabulous memories, a year full of wonderful encounters and moments forever etched.

How would you describe the adventure Miss France?

Adventure Miss France, makes us grow, thanks to it going from “young woman” to “fulfilled woman and confident.”  It allows us to better discover and evolve. It was a great month, with a really perfect staff, some great girlfriends and magical memories!

What is your best memory?

We visited a museum in Mexico City and it was my favorite moment, and the moment I’ve been called in the 12.

Do you have a story to tell us?

I regaled me chocolate bars in the evening in my room with my roommate in Brest.

What were your best meetings during this year?

Already my family of Southern Miss, Miss France, Miss Meggahnn IDF My Orleans, Azure casserole and many more.  I met a lot of children who supported me, I love children, partners who have become friends, and Mr Mazars my delegate.

Are you planning to work on a day to your committee, as do former Miss?

As a photographer yes, I have already started. But otherwise I think not having to prove myself today as Cossenet Alison and Miss Languedoc.

The Southern Miss is said to form a family, can you tell us about?

Yes, the fact already spend a lot of time together, brings us together every weekend during a big time of year we sum together, so that we create links, we know each other, one test, one s’ fun, it is a bit all sisters.

Can you tell us about the new Miss Emmanuelle Fabre Languedoc?

Emmanuelle was my first runner, she supported me throughout my years, this is a natural and cheerful person, it was very important for us that the new Miss Languedoc and all new Miss South or available and fun, because we know that we will spend a lot of time together. I needed to be calm when making my scarf, to be proud to leave my region to a new girl, when the result was proclaimed, I was reassured and very proud. Emmanuelle is a grateful person and still has vitality! This is important and I am proud of it, regardless of the outcome!

You were the Dauphine 6th Delphine Wespiser, a few weeks to make this title, can you tell us what this title has brought you?

A very good stepping stone, I do things in my life that I n ‘probably would never have done without Miss France, TV, movies, photos, parade. I still work more, with this scarf.
And finally, what is your view about your background?
I am happy to have lived this adventure, which made me become the woman I am today, I regret nothing regarding my background (just to have some failed my speech), I ‘ saw my family, especially my little sister proud of me, and that, that is all the scarves of the world.



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