Amaki Jun

junamakiAmaki Jun
is a singer and a former member of Pa-Ken! and Armor Girls / Kamen Joshi.  She left the group to become an idol.

Birthday: October 16, 1995,

Born:  Hyogo, Japan,

Famous for:  Singer, Gravure Idol,

Twitter – @Jun_Amaki



Amaki Jun was a member of Pa-Ken! before moving on to Armor Girls (Kamen Joshi).

Several members of Kamen Joshi separated ways from January 2015.

In February 2015 Amaki jun from the idol group Kamen Joshi won the contest ‘U-19 Next Gravure Queen Battle’.   Amaki June beat a former member of SKE48, Kaneko Shiori.

‘U-19 Next Gravure Queen Battle’ is a gravure idol contest organised by the Young Animal magazine, the 2015 event being the third in its history.

She graduated from Armor Girls (Kamen Joshi) in March 2015 stating she liked being a gravure idol more than a singer.

Amaki Jun is signed to Alice Project.  Alice Project is an idol company that include girls from gravure world.


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Did you know…

  • She is great a baton twirling



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