Anya Benton


Anya Benton is a model and actress who has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows.

Birthday: na

Born: Russia

Famous for: Actress, Model

Twitter: @abenton1


also known as Anna Wladislawowna Sabolotnaja



At a young age Anya Benton’s family moved to the USA from Russia and she grew up in La Jolla , California. 

Anya was passionate about modelling from a young age.  Her first job was at the age of 10 in a commercial for a local locksmith business in Boston. 

Benton attend La Jolla High School and graduated in 2002.  She then attended drama lessons at the John Casablanca Modelling and Acting Academy.  She went on to perform at theater and started to earn money modelling.

Anya attended the University of Californiain Los Angeles where she majored in Mass Communications and double minored in Russian Studies and Spanish Language.   She was also an active volunteer through the Kiwanis Family and traveled to Barcelona, Spain to study abroad. 

Anya continued to model and eventually landed her first acting role in 2007 in small budget movie Absolute Horror.  She continued to land small roles including 4 appearances on TV Comedy Pink Slip from 2009-2011.  In 2017 she starred in The Madness Within alongside Katie Cleary.

Anya Benton is represented by the Sovereign Talent Group​.


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Astute: Anya Benton

When did you become passionate about modeling?

Anya Benton: I have been passionate about modeling ever since I was a little girl. My first modeling job was when I was only 10. I was in a commercial for a local locksmith business in Boston.

You’re also passionate about acting. How did you get interested in that?

Anya Benton: I have always been interested in experiencing as much as possible in the short amount of time we are given on this planet. I believe acting allows me to live multiple lifetimes in one. For example, I can live as a beggar in the Renaissance, as  a doctor in 2050, and as a politician in modern times. I love that.

You’ve accomplished a lot in your life. How do you manage to do so well in anything that you do?

Anya Benton: Thank you so much. I was born in the former Soviet Union where the attitude and culture of the citizens was very survivalist. Basically, if you don’t work hard and provide for yourself, no one else will. This is why I work hard and try to stay positive. I know how extremely fortunate I am to be where I am today and I recognize that I did not achieve anything overnight.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Anya Benton: My mother. She brought me into this world and brought me to the United States from Russia. She is such a strong woman. She moved to another continent with just her baby girl and a few suitcases. That’s very inspirational to me.

What inspires/motivates you?

Anya Benton: Beauty and artistic/creative expression inspires me to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Being able to be financially secure inspires me to work hard.