Arianny Celeste

arianny celesteArianny Celeste
, real name Penelope Lopez, is an American ring girl and model. She is best known for being a UFC Octagon girl. She is also a co-host on TV Show Overhaulin’.

Birthday:  November 12, 1985

Born:  Las Vegas, USA


Famous for:  Model, Ring Girl

Twitter:  @ariannyceleste

Instagram:  @ariannyceleste

real name Penelope Lopez



Arianny Celeste attended Palo Verde High School and attended college at UNLV where she majored in fitness management and nutrition.

She started college modelling on the side when she got the call to audition to be a UFC octagon girl.

Arianny Celeste made her UFC debut in 2006 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada.

In 2008, at the 1st World MMA Awards, Celeste was voted “2008 Ring Girl of the Year”.

In 2009, she won her second consecutive title at the 2nd World MMA Awards as Celeste become the “2009 Ring Girl of the Year”.

In September 2009, high school senior Conner Cordova, a fan of mixed martial arts, asked Celeste to attend his prom with him, using a series of three YouTube videos.

In 2010, Celeste had further showed her dominance in the award category by becoming the World MMA Awards “2010 Ring Girl of the Year” making it her third consecutive title.

On February 4, 2010, Sports Illustrated named her “Lady of The Day.”

The UFC premiered a new weekly, web-only show called UFC Ultimate Insider on July 29 2010 which Celeste serves as host.

Arianny Celeste posed nude for the November 2010 issue of Playboy.

At the 4th World MMA Awards in 2011, Celeste was voted the “2011 Ring Girl of the Year” again.

Celeste told OFWDiaries in 2011 that she considered herself Filipino,  “I think I have Filipino features, my eyes mostly. I consider myself Filipino, because it’s in my blood. Although I don’t speak the language, and I’ve never been there before, I still consider myself Filipino”

On May 26, 2012, Celeste was arrested in Las Vegas on a domestic violence charge for an alleged fight with her boyfriend Praveen Chandra  Celeste.   Chandra accused Celeste of kicking him in the nose. However, Celeste indicated Chandra also choked her several times during the evening.

In 2014 Celeste regained her title as the “Ring Girl of the Year” making it her fifth time to have won the award and breaking a new record.


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What’s the biggest perk of being an Octagon Girl?
Traveling. I loved Brazil and Sydney. If I’m by the water, in a bikini, I’m happy.

As are we. How do UFC fans react when they see you in person?
I’ve gotten proposals! It’s cute, but I have to decline.

So what’s your favorite part of the holidays?
Everything. I love the candy, the decorations, and cooking with my huge family.

When Brittney Palmer came over from WEC and joined you, the UFC felt complete. Like when Voltron forms. Did you feel the same way?
Yes, it’s the perfect combo – brunette/blonde.

When you first started out, did you ever get nervous that you would trip and fall off the octagon? Has that ever come close to happening?
I was so nervous that Dana White actually came octagon side and told me to slow down and relax. I’m a naturally shy person so I was completely out of my element.

If you were a MMA fighter, what would your nickname be? Arianny “The Kitten Smasher” Celeste sounds like it would instill a lot of fear in people.
The Silent Killer because I wait for perfect moment to kill. ;)

Has blood ever splattered on you while sitting cage side?
It’s gotten close and I have gotten grossed out so many times!!


How has the UFC changed your life? How has it opened opportunities for you?
You know, I always was concerned about schooling, and my parents were very strict so, that was very important to me, but then, working with UFC really opened up a lot of doors for me so now I’m more focussed on entertainment and I know I can always go back to school.

Who are your style icons and mentors?
Style icon would be Nicole Richie, I think she’s awesome, she has an amazing style, she’s really funny, and as far as my icon goes would be with work because she’s done it all, she’s done sexy magazines, she hosted an amazing show, and now she’s a mom with kids, and she’s still sexy so, I love that about her.

FHM Phillipines August 2015

What was it like for you when you were starting out?
When I started, it was the old-school people: Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn. I miss those guys, but at some point they had to retire. It was really cool to see them start the whole UFC craze.

How does it feel to be one of the pioneers of the fastest-growing sport in the world?
It’s amazing to see the company grow as much as it has and as fast as it has. I still miss the old-school feel of it, but it’s a business that’s growing every day. It’s an opportunity for these amazing talented fighters to make a living doing what they love, so that’s pretty cool.

Being an Octagon Girl has opened so many doors for you.
It’s definitely a stepping stone. I’ve hosted TV shows and been on covers of magazines, so it’s been really great for me.



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