Arra Pascual

arraArra Pascual
is a DJ who plays a large variety of genres; from dubstep to deep house or progressive to techno around South East Asia.

BirthdayMay 27th, 1987

BornCebu City, Philippines

Famous for:  DJ

Instagram: @arrapascual



Arra Pascual was interested in music at an early age. She played keyboard, wrote and sang songs before she started her career as a DJ.   She was able to jumpstart her passion in spinning when DJ Shorty taught her how to beat match. He found it cool to have a female DJ around.

Her passion and will to create more original work led her to EDM music.  She became famous in the Philippines and then in other South East Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. She was chosen as the official brand ambassador for Pioneer in the Philippines.

In 2014 that Arra started working with Big Fish International, an organisation that worked with very successful DJ’s like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto or Paul van Dyk. She became the first female Big Fish resident.

Arra Pascual plays a large variety of genres; from dubstep to deep house or progressive to techno. Her favorite tracks are featured on iTunes in “The Arragasm Project”.


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Who are your music influences?

ARRA: When I started, it was Laidback Luke because his genre is what I am leaning to which is Dirty Dutch. Tiesto, of course, he is a legend. As for females, I really like Ms. Nine. When I started I was asking who is this super model, in a tank top, playing Calabria transitioning to another song?

There are music festivals here and there, how do you think it affects your music genre?

ARRA: It doesn’t really affect my genre; it’s a place where I can play my music. Most DJs would play what they download, most DJs what they produce. If you’re a DJ and you’re known to play a certain type of genre, music festival producers would hire you.

How do you shift songs in such a way it would come out a solid flow?

ARRA: You start from 130 beats per minute, and then you drop it down to a trap transition which is 70. Trap is hip hop with an influence from electronic music. You would notice the crowd when they’re waiting for a very heavy drop. You would give them a trap transition.

If I’m not doing music, I would probably be?

ARRA: I cannot imagine myself without music. I’d probably be a mom to my daughter.

Do you think being a female DJ gives you girl power? If yes, describe that power.

ARRA: Yes. Female DJs are accepted, but not 100% accepted as male DJs. So I think it’s very empowering to be in the industry where it is dominated by men.