Asakawa Nana

nanaAsakawa Nana
is a Japanese idol and singer, member of girl group SUPER☆GiRLS and a recent phenomenon due to her baby girl looks and large breast size.

Birthday: April 3, 1999

Born:  Saitama Prefecture, Japan


Famous for:  Model, Singer

Twitter: @SG_NANA_avex



Asakawa Nana joined SUPER☆GiRLS, a girl group signed to ‘Avex Trax’, in February 2014 along with Uchimura Risa of Idol Street Street-sei and Watanabe Koume former member of the idol group Party Rockets.   SUPER☆GiRLS is the first audition idol girl group since avex trax was established which started auditions in 2010.

Nana was also with  iDOL Street-sei e-Street, iDOL Street is a Japanese pop idol project and record label under Avex Group (parent of Avex Trax).

In July 6, 2015 Nana appeared in her first photo spread in an issue of Shuukan Playboy weekly magazine which made a boost to he popularity rating earning her the nickname ‘dough kyonyuu’ (babyface big chest).



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Asakawa “come to think that”  when I wanted to be an idol  “I liked idols since I was in sophomore elementary school. I loved listening or watching, you can dance while watching the MV myself, I would also karaoke…”

And, new to the members of Supagirls. Any anxiety?

Asakawa “It’s fact that because it was originally happens to Supagirls fans to start with the entertainment activities, tell the truth, rather than a tension, I was was upset with the” new member Nante … “in their own (laughs) “



[5] Weekly Playboy November 2015 [Photos by: Kumagati Tsuranuku]