Autumn Faherty

autumn fahertyAutumn Faherty
is a American born model who recently appeared on the cover of Maxim Magazine South Africa.


Born: USA

Famous for:  Model

Instagram:  @autumnbottom23

also known as Autumn Alyssa



Autumn Flaherty was raised in Florida.  At 9 years old her family moved to Corvallis, Oregon and she attended Corvallis High School.

When Autumn turned 18 she drove to Miami, Florida to become a model, an aspiration she had since the age of 5 years old.  She is signed with Envy Model Management.

She has been photographed by Brian B Hayes and Tolga Katas, and a variety of others.

Autumn appeared in the music video “This is what it feels like” by DJ Dutchman Armin van Buuren in 2013.


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Maxim South Africa

What’s the craziest night out you’ve ever had?  There have been so many; I couldn’t nail it down to just one. The best nights are always spontaneous, with my closest friends, no set plans, just looking fresh and going wherever we want!

You probably get the strangest Instagram comments. Do they still bother you, or have you learnt to filter the creepy ones out?  Whenever I receive a super creepy comment, I usually just delete it and block the person. I don’t have space in my mind for that. But once, I received a comment that was almost sweet, almost. So, it totally stuck in my mind, “Roses are red, violets are blue… rhyming is hard, my thing is, too.”

You seem carefree, too. What’s your view on the feminist movement revival, freeing the nipple, growing armpit hairs?  Thanks! I try to live my life carefree. My view on the feminist movement is, more power to them! Free that nipple or don’t free that nipple, shave your armpits, or grow them out. Whatever makes you feel good, do that. For me, I’ll stick with freeing mine on European beaches, and smooth, hairless skin. Each to their own.

Would you say you’re a feminist? What do you think makes one?  Being a feminist is when you believe in equality between sexes, so, yeah, sure. I think there are all types of feminists, male and female. If you believe in the equality of sexes, you believe in feminism.

What do you get up to when you’re away from the camera?  When I am away from the camera, I am usually either at a yoga studio, or exploring nature with my dogs.

What tips do you have for an average guy trying to date a girl like you?  One thing is to make me laugh, and another is to be able to laugh at yourself.

Are you single (asking for a friend) ?  Sorry, guys, he put a ring on it.

Since it is a new year and all, what resolutions have you failed to keep?  (Laughs) I can’t even remember my resolutions. I like to make every day better than the previous. It’s the easiest thing to do, and in my opinion, the best resolution to keep.

What are your plans for 2016, what can we expect from you?  You can expect to be surprised!

What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas?  The convenience and fun spirit of the city.

What is your guilty pleasure?  Chocolate

How do you maintain your bikini body?  Eating in moderation healthy as well as guilty pleasures. Regular exercise such as cardio, light weights and pilates.

Describe yourself in three words?  Ambitious, independent, loving

What’s your sign?  Taurus



[2] Maxim Magazine [Photos by Brian B Hayes]