Ayden Mayeri


Ayden Mayeri is an actress who is known for TV shows New Girl and Downward Dog (2017)


Born: N/A

Famous for: Actress

Instagram: @aydenmayeri

Twitter: @aydenmayeri




Ayden Mayeri is an actress and is also the writer and producer for the short film Body.  Her appearence in cinema and TV started with a small role in the film Argo in 2012. From here she gained larger parts and went on to star in Harder Than It Looks (2012), Losing California (2013) and Chastity Bites (2013).

Ayden appeared in Life in Pieces in 2016 as well as TV series comedy Bang! Bang!New Girl and Relevant.  In 2017 she won roles in big productions Workaholics and Downward Dog.  She appeared in the movie Random Tropical Paradise (2017) directed by Sanjeev Sirpal as Johanna Lacroix.

Ayden Mayeri is due to wed Miller Davis in 2018.


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