Bebe Cave

bebe cave 3Bebe Cave
is an British actress and was named one of the Stars of Tomorrow at the BFI London Film Festival.

Birthday: July 22, 1997

Born: London, UK

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @bebecave

Twitter: @bebecave



Bebe Cave is the youngest of five children and the granddaughter of former chief secretary to Hong Kong Sir Charles Haddon-Cave.  Her sister Jessie Cave is also an actress whose most notable role was in the Harry Potter films.

Bebe appeared in a number of school plays and in 2009 starred in May Contain Nuts, a 2 part TV series.

In 2012 she played small part in the Great Expectations.

In 2013 she received a big break after being cast as Princess Elizabeth in the original stage version of The Audience, opposite Dame Helen Mirren.

Bebe was spotted in a YouTube video with her older sister and chosen for the movie Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti) directed by Matteo Garron which hit cinemas in 2015.  She also appeared in the movie Cider with Rosie, a TV movie, in September 2015.

Bebe Cave was annouced as one of Screen International Stars of Tomorrow at the BFI London Film Festival 2015.

She is currently signed with talent agency United Agents.



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“Everything has been so overwhelming,” Bebe said of the film experience so far. “I’m very, very fortunate to have been given an opportunity like this.”

“My character went from being naive to someone who gains a lot of strength,” she said. “It’s something I can aspire to, and something I can relate to. I’m sure other young people watching it will be able to as well.”

When asked whether the role had put her off marriage for life, she said: “I’m still a romantic. But I’m the youngest of five, with three brothers who will never let me have a boyfriend.”

“It was very surreal, I was walking with Vincent Cassel and he was like, ‘This is like a Fellini movie!'”

“It was completely silent, with these flicking and flashing lights and twinkling music as we paraded up this scarlet promenade,” she recalls. “It felt like we were little fairies walking up these stairs and I kept expecting some kind of monster coming out to get us.

“It was like a scene from our film.”

“Matteo has a very relaxed feel to him,” says Cave. “[At the premiere] he just seemed to be happy. Just to see him so happy was all I wanted. I respect him so much and he gave me such a great opportunity.

“I loved the film, I thought it was so beautiful, he’s a painter and I though that every shot was like a painting.”

“We improvised a lot and that was scary at first because I did not prepare for that.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to Italy to play a princess and that’s fine’. And we got there they were like, ‘the scene is in this room but it might be cool if we shoot it here’ and ‘what do you think that she would say at this point?’

“But after a couple of days of that, I saw he wanted me to take a bit of creative control.”

“We’re all very used to the happy ending but it didn’t feel like there was a happy ending coming for my character,” says Cave.

“I was caked in dirt and wincing with pain from climbing up mountains and being thrown around a cave but that’s what the magical element was for me.”



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