Bonang Matheba


bonangBonang Matheba is one of the most known TV personalities in South Africa. She is especially famous for shows Live AMP and Top Billing.

BirthdayJune 25th, 1987

Born: Mahikeng, South Africa

Famous for: TV Host, Radio DJ

Instagram: @bonang_m



In 2002 Bonang Matheba was the presenter for TV show Manhattan’s Fantasy Challenge at the age of just 15.  She rose in popularity when she became the host of TV programme Live which she continued to appear on until 2012.  Bonang then hosted TV show Top Billing and it was remarked that the ratings had gone up and that she had managed to attract ten thousand more viewers.

Boning has also hosted the Metro FM Music Awards in 2008 and South African Music Awards in 2016.

Matheba also works as a radio DJ and presents on radio as well as TV.  She has her own production company Bonang Matheba Entertainment and has also created a fashion line named Just B and a handbag collection Baby Star.

She has her name on the ‘Walk of Fame’ in Johannesburg.


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7. How does it feel having achieved what most people don’t in a lifetime?
It’s unreal. I still wake up every morning in awe of how blessed I’ve been. Watching my hard work and dedication manifest into so many incredible achievements is enough to leave anyone in a state of disbelief sometimes. All this and I’m not even 29 years old yet! It’s an out of body feeling sometimes, especially when I meet young people who remind how my work has touched them or changed their lives.

8. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?
Waking up every morning, healthy and happy, to do something I LOVE! I’ve found my God given purpose and THAT for me is the greatest achievement.

9. It’s been a big year for you awards-wise – and now you’ve also got a star on the Rosebank Walk of Fame. Tell us more about the honour.
This still needs to sink in- The African Global Heritage Foundation identified a few African personalities to receive stars on Africa’s FIRST ‘walk of fame’. They sent my team an email and told us the great news, so now I’m counting down to the event in Rosebank in May. Definitely ones of the BIGGEST achievements of my life

10. What is the ultimate award that you want to win one day?
An Emmy for Best TV Presenter.

11. When you first hit the entertainment scene, did you ever predict you’d be this successful?
Yes. I’m a bit of an over-achiever, in school, in life and in everything I put my mind to. I always know what I want to do and who I want to become. From a young age, I knew I was going make an impact- whether in entertainment or the corporate world- I always knew, I wanted to be GREAT!