Bridey Elliot

Bridey Elliot is an actress and director from the US.  She started a Kickstarter project to direct her own movie, Clara’s Ghost, which released in 2018.

Birthday: July 27, 1990

Born: New York City, NY, USA

Famous for: Actress, Director, Writer

Twitter: @brideylee

real name Bridget Elliot, also known as Bridey Lee Elliot.



Bridey Elliot is the daughter of Chris Elliot and actress Paula Niedert Elliott.  Her sister, Abby, is a cast member of Saturday Night Live and their grandfather is veteran comic Bob Elliot.

Bridey started uploading videos to Youtube in 2009 showcasing her acting talents.  This led to her being chosen by directors Charles and Sarah-Violet to star in Fort Tilden (2014), in the role of Harper, alongside Clare McNulty’s Allie.  The movie was SXSW’s (South by Southwest) 2014’s Grand Jury Prize Winner for best narrative film.

In 2015 Elliot moved to Los Angeles and she directed her own short movie called Affections which was shown at 2016’s Sundance Film Festival as part of the Shorts Program 2.  Further into 2016 she starred in TV show Thanksgiving as Olive Morgan.

In 2018 Bridey starred in TV drama Mosaic as Tia which released as an interactive app and allows the viewer to experience different portions of the story from the perspective of different characters in a non-linear fashion, providing a complex and unique narrative form.

In 2016 Bridey started a kickstarter project to create and direct a movie called Clara’s Ghost raising over $34,000.   The movie released in 2018 with Bridey directing and starring alongside her parents and sister.


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Coming from a performing background, was the editing process, particularly in terms of how you could visually construct joke, something interesting to work with?

My whole thing was to really get across that there was no self-awareness of jokes. I wanted it to feel almost deadpan in that she’s not aware that she’s acting crazy or saying inappropriate things. In terms of the style, I didn’t really care about landing a joke. If the joke didn’t land, I felt that was all the better because that’s just how the character is naturally, so I wasn’t too worried about whether it came off funny. It was more just her being true.

Because it is a short, it’s particularly potent how you use the character’s hair as a visual way to show her emotions. How did that come about?

The seed of it [was that] I actually did have an experience where I got a haircut right after the death of a friend and it was definitely a grief haircut to change myself and start a new day. But I hated the haircut. So I thought [this character]’s trying to transform. She’s trying to not be herself. And I think getting a haircut is, for a lot of people, therapeutic, but It’s just when that goes wrong, it doesn’t lead to any sort of therapy, so I grew out the most generic looking girl haircut for this and flipped it.