Charlie Riina

charlie riina1Charlie Riina
is a popular model famous for her photoshoots with Playboy magazine.

Birthday:  January 4th, 1984

Born: Poland

Famous for:  Model




Charlie Riina was born in Poland before moving to Toronto, Canada at a young age.  Scouted by the most important modelling agencies Ford and Elite, Charlie participated in a large number of beauty competitions.  Charlie Riina won the Miss Hawaiian Tropics, Miss Toronto and Miss Playboy Lingerie.

Charlie was also photographed for Playboy USA and Charlie represented her country Canada in International Vegas Model Search.   Charlie was Playboy Playmate of the Month in April 2015.

Beyond modelling Charlie participated also in a large number of videos and short commercials.

Recently Charlie was photographed for the high quality web site

Charlie Riina is also known as an actress for movies All-In (2012) and First Kill Redemption (2015).


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For Guys Mag August 2015

For Guys Mag: Hi Char- lie! The last time we talked was earlier this year in February when you graced our February cover. A lot has happened since then. From multiple Playboy covers to Esquire, Vogue and numerous other magazines and websites. You are everywhere. Truly a global phenomenon. It seems your career is like a rocketship. What is your life like today?
Charlie Riina: Yes, I’ve been blessed it’s been very busy for me. My life is pretty hectic at the mo- ment but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

FGM: Every time I look up there you are rep-resenting yet another brand. Your travel sched- ule must be crazy! How do you manage
CR: I don’t even know how I manage, haha, I just go forward, I don’t look back and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I wake up saying “today I can do anything “ and I kill the day.

FGM: What are the differences in modeling in the US, Canada and Europe if there are any? 
CR: Modeling in Eu-rope is more relaxed I find, where in the US it’s so hectic. I find it more relaxed in Europe, although they’re usually always late for everything which can be a bit annoying cause I’m always on time! Haha. Canada is great and there are many talents that are unrecognized, unfortunately, but it’s getting a lot better.

FGM: I predict we will see you in Sports Illustrated soon and I am sure I speak for your many fans when I say I’d love to see you in a Carl’s Jr. burger commercial. 
CR: You never know! I have a few things up my sleeve I like to keep quiet and then shock everyone

FGM: Of course, I have to ask, single or taken? 
CR: I’m freshly single :)

FGM: What do you do in your very little spare time?
CR: In my spare time, if I get any, I like to spend time with my family and friends.

FGM: Any particular in- terests or hobbies?
CR: Horse riding, playing chess or paint- ing.

FGM: Finally, is there anything you would like to tell us about your fu- ture plans and what your fans can expect next from you?
CR: You’lljusthaveto wait and see!



[5] Gor Guys Mag (Photographer: Niko Necoechea)