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cici zhang 1Cici Zhang was born in China and raised in Australia and the UK, she is a model and hosts online video game and anime shows.

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Cici Zhang was born in China and grew up in Australia and the United Kingdom.  She currently lives in Hong Kong.

Cici has hosted episodes of Playasia: Hyper Genki, a show all about Japanese culture including anime and video games.

In October 2015 Cici started hosting IGN’s Asia Weekly Fix, a show about video games.

In April 2016 Cici Zhang starred on the cover for FHM Indonesia.


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FHM Indonesia April 2016

So, what’s new in Hong Kong today? Is there a new eating place that we should know?  Oh yes, a lot of good food, which you must try here! But as I tried to eat healthy, you can try a place called Aloha in Quarry Bay, they make poke bowls (a kind of raw fish salad) was very tasty!

But it seems that our portion is slightly larger than that ..
There is also Kale and Monseuir chatte in Sheung Wan area! Both serve delicious salad that is filling you know. Or you could try eating houses in Vietnam named Bep Midlevels area, and places that serve sushi. I’m a sushi end!

We believe all the sushi you eat sacrificed himself willingly .. By the way, you look sexy with a tan. Thank you! Although most Asian women like appearance with pale white skin color, I prefer to brown – presumably because the Aussie spirit within me! For that I thank all my trips to places that are warm and exotic. I hate the cold, so I always chasing the sun!

So not only diligent sun, you also delighted traveling huh?
Staying in Hong Kong is actually very convenient for exploring Asia, and I use it often for walks. During the summer, Hong Kong as well so it was very hot and had a lot of fun outdoor activities. For example, such a relaxing day at
junk boat (traditional Chinese vessel), a pool party, hiking, or have fun at the beach. I like everything!

Speaking of fun, Genki Hyper (RIP) was an exciting event. But we suspect; Do you really like anime, gaming, or anything smelling of Japan? Thread honest!
better than me out there. But in high school I used to love playing Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Kirby, Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog on the computer. The last game I played was Diablo. For anime, I remember waking up in the morning before school and watch it on Australian television.

Can you tell us your first love geeky?
Most likely anime! I like once watching Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and my favorite: Dragon Ball Z! I had a crush on Goku, ha ha. Too bad he’s not real!