Clara Morgane

claraClara Morgane
 is a former adult film star, a French singer, media personality and TV host.

Birthday:  January 25, 1981

Born: Marseille, France

Famous for:  Adult Films, Singer, TV

Twitter: @ClaraMOfficiel



Clara Morgane was born and raised in Marseille.

Clara first appeared in a series of adult films with her boyfriend Greg Centauro.  She made 5 films with him in total.  She abandoned pornography in 2002 and wrote her autobiography in 2003 called Sex Star.

She was spotted by Canal+ and became the anchorwoman of the Journal du hard on the pay-TV channel from September 2001 to August 2008.    In 2007, Clara Morgane was no longer exclusive to Canal + and signed with NRJ 12.  In 2008 she left Canal+ and becomes facilitator exclusively on NRJ 12 until 2013.

In France, she often appeared on national TV and provides a kind of socially acceptable, family friendly representation of porn.

In 2007, she started a singing career. Rudy Lansard produced her first song J’Aime.  Her debut album, DéCLARAtions was released on the 18th June 2007, with a mixture of funk, hip-hop and R’n’B.  Clara Morgane wrote the lyrics for all the songs.

Clara became a columnist for MeltyStyle in 2013 where she shares her advice and views on sex in general.

Morgane has created two brands of lingerie, “Clara M.” and “Shocking Princess”.  She is also the spokeswoman for the French soft drinkGini.  She became the main host of Trace Sports Stars where she hosts every Friday evening theme nights: in October, Scandals Stars VS and November Xtreme VS Stars.

She released a calendar in 2015 called Show Girl,exquisitely inspired by the 1930s.

She released her album entitled “jazzy So Excited on Monday, October 20th 2015.



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Lately, you have been the target of many Internet following the announcement of your pregnancy. How you live now? 
I can not blame humanity trying to be funny. Some have valves and the press took over with sulfur titles like: 'Clara Morgane attacked'. In the end I was not really touched because when I read the reviews, I do not have the impression that talking about me. In reality, people do not know my life. I'm married, I've only had three stories before my husband. Yes, I exhibited 15 years ago in five poor movies with my boyfriend, but that does not mean I'm an easy girl. 

After that, you have a cry from the heart to the site Melty. In this forum, you are speaking to your daughter and to all women ... 
After these attacks, I've realized that we lived in a world where still sexist man and woman are not equal. Then one Sunday in two hours, I wrote this text. And I especially wanted to talk to all women. All women who, like me, have questions about the company, our place in it and the diktats imposed on us. Finally, just to be happy, not everyone loves us, that's what I want to convey to my daughter.

You go out, for the fourteenth consecutive year, your photo calendar, in a sublime setting. You can tell us about? 
The Hotel Majestic was perfect for the theme "Rendezvous May to July" of this calendar. It is a place where classy decor Haussmann, Parisian chic and perfectly blend with my style. 

There is not a little tired to do this calendar? 
Everything changes every year except me (laughs). So there is no possible trouble.Each year, 100,000 people awaiting the release of this object so I am happy to share with them this time. And the only thing that would make me stop is public weariness. 

Many celebrities pose naked and pregnant, like Kim Kardashian, you would be ready to do the same? 
Oh no ! I exposed a lot, I believe that the female body is a separate work of art. But my pregnancy is part of my privacy and I prefer to keep it to myself. 

In TV Mag, you said, with humor, that you would present the 20h. In addition to the JT, you have TV projects? 
The 20h is the culmination of a career. It's a dream for me and for all women. But, I am aware that I would never do it, and above all, we will never offer me (laughs).For now, I expect opportunities in tele. 

There was a small clash with two columnists '' Hands off my post. '' If you are offered a seat at home you agree? 
I believe to have been neither coarse nor mean to Matthew Delormeau or Enora Malagré. My remarks were shot and badly misinterpreted. I would soon be invited, it will be an opportunity to tell them. As columnist: I do not really want. 

Currently, you are showing for Ladies Night at the Ice Palace. What made ​​you say yes to this adaptation of the film Full Monty? 
This piece is anchored in the news since it speaks of unemployment, but with humor. The real star of this comedy is hope. One day, men who are neither large nor muscular decide to become Chippendales. The message is that when you have the desire, when we hope, sometimes everything is possible. In this piece, I play the choreographer. This is a very nice project in which, for once, it is the woman who helps men in a crazy bet.

Is this baby surprise or desired? 
Our daughter was desired ULTRA. My husband and I have been together for six years and married for 4 years. For us, this baby was the logical continuation of our love.

We'll see you every night at the theater. Not too hard to string representations with pregnancy? 
My pregnancy is going well! I am fortunate to be in shape and be able to still be on stage every night (note: Clara Morgane is on view Ladies Night, now in the Ice Palace), six months pregnant.I want to play very long. Today, we are capable of working pregnant, to be independent, with the same energy and desire that when not wearing life. Of course, in my head, I live only for my daughter, I think only her. I wait and I am the happiest woman. At the same time, I want to keep on track professionally: it's important to be able to thrive otherwise. Many women suffer from not really understanding bosses with pregnancy .. This is not my case and I wanted to say: some men have an open mind and happily! The director of the play has suited my character, Glenda, a choreographer, to my pregnancy. 

You will still take a mat leave? 
Of course, I really want to take this baby break. I'll leave the last two months of my pregnancy to prepare for the arrival of my daughter. And I will devote myself fully to it, the two, three months after his birth.

Your professional plans for 2016 are on stand-by? 
I like to think that life is full of surprises. I had many chances in recent years: I did theater, music, and I created my box of prod '. I have always been fulfilled professionally, I would like it to continue.

Let's talk about Dad ... How did you announced her pregnancy? 
We learned almost the same time, we were on vacation. It was a moment of intense emotions we shared two. After the arrival of our daughter, I wish we could keep our union strong, and I'll do anything to leave to my husband enough room, so it will never feel left out. It's complicated enough for a dad to position, especially with breastfeeding. Because yes, I would love to breastfeed.

Would you have a large family? 
I am someone who believes in the present, not the past or even the future. I would like to have several children, that's all I know. 

Do you think that motherhood can change you? 
Motherhood is obviously going to change me! Of course, not fundamentally. I'll always be the woman I've always been, that is to say a little different: a woman who loves freedom, surpassing oneself and that his ideas on the role of a woman in our time and in our society. But motherhood will change my priorities: my daughter will take a place in my life and I want this new exchange.This is also why I waited: before becoming a mother, I needed to realize myself as a woman. I was lucky, soon 35 years, have already done many things I'm not lacking in recognition of something. Today I am happy, surrounded by my family, my husband loved, ready to become a mother.

Do you approach childbirth? 
Of course ! I have no idea how it will happen. I will ask a peri. Why spend resources that exist for we suffer less? I bought dozens of books on pregnancy, education ... I have a stack of famili. I have already informed on how to help my child to awaken, understand the world, the grasping of objects, etc. I am very curious about this. And I will draw my own way.

What mam style 'do you feel? 
I had a very rigorous education. While this led me to want to release me at all costs and to make extreme choices, I still the basis of education that I came back fast enough. There is nothing more important than education. I will not have a lax education, I'm sure. I know that I will support her for her studies (I love school), while my husband transmit his geek knowledge. For that, we are quite complementary.

My line of conduct as a mom is: openness can not be loved by all.. I will prepare my daughter for ill-intentioned people because there are. Personally, I feel very strong because I'm surrounded. Very few things affect me. I chose people that evolve around me: I understand, they understand me. When one is loved, it is protected as ever. It can not be. And it can not be touched by the first idiot who speaks. It is important today as a woman, just be strong. I want my daughter to her own choices, she assumes, she is happy. She complies. And regardless of whether others understand or not his way of respect. I will teach him not to judge too hastily. 

I do not know if it would have been easier with a boy. In any case, I wanted a girl despite the difficulties we sometimes feel. Being a woman is beautiful. On our struggle remains the best: As in, it is gaining What is more beautiful in such a world to successfully be a fulfilled woman.? 

Are you afraid of not finding your baby-before figure (and not do your calendars)? 
I have always been athletic and I continue the sport, even pregnant. Twice a week, I see my coach makes me do yoga, cardio and weight training. This combination allows me to stay in shape. I also try to eat well, organic where possible, and lots of vegetables. So, yes, I hope quickly lose kilos of my pregnancy. 

Envy shootings is there, normally there will be more sexy calendars. I like the body of the woman is for me a work of art when it is well prepared. Because yes, it's a job! Before the shootings, I have two months of diet and I am not responsible for these pretty pictures. This is a team effort: barber, styling, decoration, photographer ... There are a lot of Federated talents that allow such a result. We try to make pictures ever higher-end to celebrate the female body in general. I like that, and I think it will not change. In any case, I do everything for. I keep a good lifestyle for me these images. And if I can not afford it, there will be no timetable next year and that's how. It's life. 

You wrote an open letter to your baby ... Why? 
My column on Melty allows me to express myself on subjects close to my heart. As sexism in France. I could talk about it more relevant way. It's true, I asked myself the question: "How to raise a girl in today's world?" We live in a world unfortunately still far too sexist, instead of women, particularly in the business, is not respected and undervalued compared to those of men. It's still difficult to prepare a girl in this world. I enjoyed this post, not only compared to my baby, but to speak more broadly of the position of women.

What will you say to him in relation to your past? 
If I give him the right weapons, that is to say, understanding, knowledge, and more openness, I think my daughter will understand me as I am, as the choices j 'I have done in the past and I assume perfectly. This seems completely natural.

Critics therefore have not touched ... 
I am supported by a strong community. What I saw on social networks, it's just a real surge of love. Not all mothers will have the chance to live it one day. I thought: it's amazing to receive so many congratulatory messages! The valve is easy when you have a past. Even without a past moreover, teasing are the lot of many women. When I read the comments moved, I did not feel we were talki



[5] Clara Morgane Official 2015 Calendar / Hugo Image