Claudia Moretto

Claudia Moretto is an Italian model, singer and fashion blogger who has modelled for a number of famous brands around the world.

Birthday: July 23rd

Born: Milan, Italy

Famous for: Model, Singer

Facebook: claudia.moretto.927

Instagram: @claudia_moretto



Claudia Moretto was born in Milan, Italy.  At the age of 13 she started to study music and after high school started work as a singer and model.

She began her modelling career with the Italian photographer and make-up artist Paolo Tosetto.  In October 2014 she signed a modelling contract with Be Management Agency in Milan.  Her work include editorials, magazines, commercials, showrooms and glamour.

In the 2014 she sang with the Vocal Ensemble MonteVerdi’s New Voices.   Moretto released her first single called Sotto la Pelle on May 2014 featuring the rapper Moreno Meno.  In 2015 she started to study piano to further her musical expertise.

Claudia has been testimonial for many brands such as Candy Candy Clothing, Maxima, Venus Lingerie Milano and Samurai Performance.   Moretto has been featured in many catalogues for clothing, bikinis and lingerie.  In June 2017 during a press conference Claudia Moretto was announced to be the testimonial of the summer signed by Utopia.

Claudia is also a fashion blogger via her official Facebook page.


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One thing I’ve always asked is: “Do not the models feel uncomfortable when they are naked or naked in front of a stranger?” You can give me an answer from your point of view and find out if many of these photographers they try or are really professional. On the internet I see more photographers than models. ahah almost work shift work.

The same answer I have given before. Just put things clear before starting shooting, but still working with serious professionals is a remote event. Then of course it’s full of people who are improvising photographers and are lacking in seriousness, but just avoid them!   As for the discomfort, if you work with photographers you trust and who you know it becomes easier to work, otherwise it depends on how the photographer manages to make you comfortable. I happened to abandon photographic sets because the photographer did not trust me.

Is your boyfriend jealous of this job? If you’re single talk about a past relationship and tell if your ex boyfriend was jealous of your job.

To tell the truth my job has never created problems with my relationships. I think it’s a matter of trust. If I’m engaged and so in love I always try to give my companion security. More than once it has also happened that a fiancé has accompanied me and has been present during various shooting.

I often hear girls say they would like to make a model. What would you recommend to younger women than you would like to undertake this career? Do you have any trick to reveal?

The first advice I feel about giving a girl who wants to take a career in the fashion world is to do it abroad. We have already spent a lot on this topic but fashion in Italy “lately” offers very little. Starting a career with these prospects could be very disappointing. You have to have the courage to take the big step and evaluate foreign proposals. For the rest, much effort, determination and passion for this work is needed.




[2] [Photo: Riccardo Ciriello]