Dasuri Choi

dasuri choi2Dasuri Choi
 is a popular K-Pop dancer and TV entertainer, living in the Philippines.

Birthday:  April 25, 1988

Born: Seoul, South Korean

Famous for:  Actress, Model

Twitter: @dasuriii & @dasurichoi

nicknamed Dance Diva



Dasuri Choi was a dancer for popular K-Pop groups (Korean Pop) including 홍영주 (Hong Yeong-ju) Dance Team from 2004 to 2006, “Step-up” from 2007 to 2009, “Yama & Hotchicks” from 2009 to 2010.  She has also appeared with Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, Wonder Girls, 4Minute, T-Ara and Davichi.

Choi went to the Philippines in 2010 to study English following the advice of her grandfather.

In 2014, Choi auditioned at Eat Bulaga!’s “You’re My Foreignay” together with Kuk Son-young.  Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon-time variety show in the Philippines.  “You’re My Foreignay” is the female-counterpart of  the talent-search for foreigners living in the Philippines.

In 2015, she joins Julie Anne San Jose and Boobay for Day Off, a variety show airing on GMA News TV.

Her local TV appearances started when she became a member of G-FORCE, which is one of the country’s premier dance groups.

Dasuri is a dance instructor at the Korean Cultural Centre of the Philippines.


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FHM Philippines Sept 2015

We did a bit of stalking and found about your dance career back in Korea. Is the entertainment scene there as cutthroat as it is here? Back in Korea, I was just considered a dancer and not an artist. Here, I get to be both, and that’s pretty different.

They call you the “Dance Diva.” How much time does dancing take up in your day? When I got that title, I was doing TV shows and was also studying Filipino. Pero siyempre I had to improve my dancing, so I try to learn other dance genres. I don’t want to ruin the “Dance Diva” title so I’m doing my best.

Is there anything about Pinoy culture that you still don’t understand? This one is just bagong problem for me. I heard that if it’s a family problem I shouldn’t meddle. If this guy is bad or lying to his mom and I know it, I can’t make sumbong to the mommy. Gano’n ba talaga?

Kasi I like clean-looking guys, eh a lot of the clean-looking guys here are bading pala. Concentrate muna ako sa career. One remarkable thing we noticed about you is your flawless skin… I try my best to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water. I also stopped drinking alcohol. It has been two years.

How much did you use to drink? A lot. I used to drink two bottles of Soju [Korean rice wine] every night. Ever gone beyond two bottles? [This one time I drank more than two bottles] I was drinking withmy parents and my manager, and I suddenly broke down in tears. I think I was sad then.

Well, can’t you tell if you’re still sad? I’m really happy now, that’s also why I’ve decided to live here. Korea is better in many aspects, but I chose to live here because of the people: you’re friendly, hospitable, and very positive. Ever since I’ve been here I’ve never felt stressed anymore.

Thank you. Let’s go back to your love for dancing: What kind of steps would you break out if someone asks you to do a “sexy dance?” I don’t limit my movements and my outfits when dancing. My father is very strict but my mom was also a dancer, so he knows na it’s really maganda pag sexy ang suot. But for this shoot I know he’ll say something.

What do you think will he say? I won’t say. It’s a secret.

That’s very Pinoy of you. So you’re okay with any dance. You can twerk… Yeah! I did in front of father.

You twerked in front of your father? Yeah! I showed him, and there were also his friends from Korea…

You twerked in front of your father AND his friends? Yeah! They know I’m a dancer. I’ve been doing sexy dances since I was young.

Did you get to notice your father’s friends’ reactions? Did they seem happier than usual? They were saying, “You’re good! Galing!” They were very supportive. I don’t know na what they said to each other in secret. But I know that my father is proud of me. I’m sure.

Have you ever danced for only one person? Yes, I did. In Korea. At that time I was among the backup dancers of a very famous girl group who were popular for doing this hip movement. It was a very hot dance and it became very, very famous. I had a boyfriend then and I would dance for him.



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