Devika Bhise


devika bhise2Devika Bhise was born in New York and has an Indian heritage.  She landed a major movie role in “The Man Who Knew Infinity”

Birthday: 29th March

Born: New York, USA

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: @devikabhise



Devika Bhise grew up in Manhattan.  Growing up she would travel to India twice every year to visit Mumbai and Goa.

She learnt and mastered the Bharatanatyam dance, a form of Indian classical dance, from the age of four.  She also learnt the whole culture, the Sanskrit shlokas, the body language and the language of the Iyenger Brahmins.

She was also interested in jazz, hip-hop and salsa and grew up istening to legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday

Devika attended The Brearley School, an all-girl private school in Manhattan, for thirteen years.

She then attended Johns Hopkins University as a Hodson Trust Scholar and Woodrow Wilson Fellow and graduated early, with donors.  She participated in the theatre programme at John Hopkins University, bagging the Hodson Trust Scholarship for outstanding academics, leadership and community service.

Bhise has played a small role in The Accidental Husband in 2008.

In 2016 she is due to make her first major movie appearance as Srinivasa Ramanujan’s wife, Janaki, in a biopic on the mathematical genius called “The Man Who Knew Infinity”

She started shooting a new film in October 2015 called “Shambhala”, set in India and Singapore, alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  The film is produced by Xeitgeist Entertainment Group, who also produced her previous film.



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How would you describe yourself for our readers who may not be aware of your work?

From my childhood I have been intensely involved in Bharatnatyam dance under the guidance of my mother. I am a theatre artist too. “The Man Who Knew Infinity” isn’t my first tryst with the mathematician’s story I also happened to play the role of a Goddess Namagiri in a play based on him sometime back. A Play “The Partition” and the movie “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, handle the subject matter of Ramanujan’s life in entirely different ways. The play focused on the mathematics, including ghosts of mathematicians that inspired Ramanujan. The film is based on reality and focuses more on human relationships- his love with Janki and his beautiful friendship with Hardy.

I have also acted in 2008 film “The accidental Husband”. I have also worked in Documentaries, including “Hijra” the third gender and Anamika. The documentary won the Best Social Documentary Award in the Los Angeles Film Festival. I have performed in Goa quite a lot. I danced Bharatnatyam at the opening of the Sadir Theatre Festival at Kala Academy and sang Jazz at the Goa Literary festival.

Being an NRI, Your role in “The Man Who Knew Infinity” What was the biggest challenge essaying the role of ‘Janki’ and how did you prepare for the role?

My biggest challenge in essaying the role of Janki was to transform from contemporary New Yorker to Tamilian Brahmin Lyengar wife from the 1910s. To prepare for the role, I read the book, I have done lot of research on the character and the story and what was most helpful was my meeting with Robert Kenigel. My training in Bharatnatyam also helped me understand the cultural intricacies of the Tamilian Brahmin Iyengar community.

How was your experience working with Dev Patel?

It was so much fun working with Dev as I am pretty much the same age as Dev and we hung out on the sets to get to know one another, he brings a great deal of spontaneity to his acting. I have seen his film Slumdog Millionaire and he gave a great performance.

Tell us about your current projects?

I am extremely happy signing my next film Hollywood film “Shambhala” which also stars Mission Impossible III actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. My character is so different from Janki. The story of the film is very intriguing and I can’t reveal much about my character in the film but I am sure it will definitely leave an impact on audience.

Any plans of doing Bollywood films in the future?

( Laughs ) Everyone ask me would you do Bollywood, yes it depends on the project, something like an art film or a script that I enjoy and which would make a substantial film, I will take it. I have watched quite a few Bollywood and Aamir Khan is my favourite.

It was great meeting Devika. Her role in “The Man Who Knew Infinity” is quite intense with her portraying a silently suffering wife who supports her husband all the way. The movie will travel to Singapore and Dubai Film Festival and will be released in Australia in May 2016.