Eili Harboe

Eili Harboe
is an actress from Norway who has starred in Thelma and as Princess Kristin in adventure movie Askeladden – I Dovregubbens Hall.

Birthday: 16th August 1994

Born: Stavanger, Norway

Famous for: Actress

Instagram: @eilih

Twitter: @EiliH



Eili Harboe was born in the city of Stavanger in Norway.

Eili debuted in the role of Irene in Kompani Orheim (The Orheim Company) in 2012, based on the book of the same name by Tore Renberg .  In 2013 she debuted as the main actor in Kiss Me You Fucking Moron in the role of Tale.  The movie won  Best Teenage film in the Buster Film Festival in Copenhagen (2014).

She had starred with Kristoffer Joner and they went on to work together on disaster mover The Wave (2015).  From here Eili starred in Joachim Trier’s 2017 film Thelma (as the principal character Thelma).  Thelma and Harboe’s performance received good reviews in the Norwegian press.

In 2017 she stars as Prinsesse Kristin in Askeladden – I Dovregubbens Hall, an adventure film based on Asbjørnsen and Moes classic stories about Askeladden.

Eili Harboe is signed with Panorama Agency based in Scandinavia and Europe.

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When becoming Thelma, how did you try to personalise her?

– When I read the script, I felt Thelma was very defined. I knew that I would be able to personalise her, because it’s me portraying her and not someone else. I suggested things to Joachim, and we would try things spontaneously, which is something I appreciated when working with him. I had watched his films beforehand and felt like he was a director who knew what he was doing and always had a clear idea about it. While that’s true, he was very open to my suggestions and was open to the spontaneous way of working. That’s how I love to work. I’m happy that we established a real trust between us.

Were you a fan of the supernatural genre beforehand?

– I love supernatural movies, but I didn’t watch any to prepare for the role of Thelma. Joachim wanted me to see a scene from Obsession (1976) which was wonderful. I also saw The Piano Teacher (2001), which is a beautiful film. It showed me how a character can suppress feelings while still being very much alive, something I wanted to bring to Thelma. I also really liked the film It Follows (2014), where the main character is very calm and collected, but still very lonely in her surroundings. I saw that film maybe two years ago and didn’t watch it for ideas, but rather it was in the back of my mind. More than that, I’m inspired by literature, art and music. I don’t like to copy others work, but rather be inspired by it.

Do you feel Thelma is a very relatable character?

– Definitely. Thelma comes from a conservative Christian environment on the west coast of Norway and then moves to the big city. I think people coming from any background can relate to her in a way that she’s trying to establish herself in a new environment and she wants to get to know new people and have someone notice her, which Anja does. I think that makes her very relatable.

Thelma is undoubtedly a strong, female character. Do you feel it’s important in films to have women represented in this way?

– It’s essential to me that it was a strong and complex female character. I hope that, in the future, we don’t talk about whether or not it’s a strong female character, rather the character is strong on their own, regardless of gender or sexuality. I hope to play more strong characters, whether it be a supporting role or a main character as long as I feel the character is making their own choices. If it was a role where the woman is no more than a buffer for the main character, then I feel like I couldn’t do it as that’s not the direction we should be heading in. It’s crucial for me to have a strong representation of women on the screen.



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