Elise Natalie

elise duncunElise Natalie
is an Australian model and Australia’s 2014 Miss Swimsuit USA International.

Birthday:  ?

Born:  Australia

Famous for:  Model

also known as Elise Natalie Duncan



Elise was the 1st Runner up at the Miss Global 2014 pageant behind winner Ela Mino from Canada.

Elise Natalie was chosen at Swimsuit USA International Model Search to be one of BikiniTeam.TV’s Model of the Month in March 2015.


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Candy Magazine June 2015

What is biggest difference between Aussie men and American men?  I've found that Australian men and American men can be different but are similar in the sense they're sporty, ambitious and driven.  If an American came to Australia the main thing you would notice is Australian men are louder and they party hard.  My warning to American men is don't take on an Aussie in a drinking challenge...

What separates Aussie women from other women around the globe?  I think what defines Aussie and women is that we are very laid back and relaxed about situations.  At the end of the day a majority of us are outgoing and we enjoy having a good time without complications.


Who is your biggest inspiration in your life at the moment, and why?  My boyfriend Adam Murby has been my inspiration since our first date. Being a world famous illusionist he has always inspired me and has at some points challenged me to follow my ambitions in life by questioning what it was I truly wanted. I responded and tried to laugh off my desire to always try modelling, but he questioned me as to why I didn’t try it and so I did and haven’t looked back since! His ability to think outside the square and to not conform to society’s expectations made me realize I could pursue what I wanted to do. Now I am travelling around the world with modelling, meeting great people and loving every second of the opportunities I get. If I hadn’t of met him and he hadn’t of inspired me then I wouldn’t be doing what I was doing today and I definitely wouldn’t be a part of this pageant. I love that every day he makes me challenge myself and each day we help push each other further towards our life ambitions. This is why he is my true partner in life.

You travelled to New York for a fashion show in terms of presenting, and so how did you find that experience? Was it at all nerve-racking?  The experience I had to present at an International Fashion Show in New York was indescribable! Originally I was meant to be modelling in the shows for the week but once they realized my experience they approached me to be the face and host for the entire week and model in the finale. The experience was not so much nerve-racking, I would say it was more of an adrenaline rush which I have learned to harness and use. The week was a non-stop rollercoaster with long hours of filming along with some fantastic interviews with awe-inspiring people from all different backgrounds. The energy rush you get is one of the things I enjoy the most whether it’s when you’re on stage, behind the camera or even in everyday life because it shows that you are challenging yourself and pushing yourself to the limit. The experience is one I am truly thankful for and I can’t thank everyone who got me involved enough. With determination and hard work you can anywhere you want in life and that has certainly happened as I also got to fulfil one of my lifelong dreams which was modelling in a New York Fashion Show!


One of Elise's highlights from the past few months was being invited to the Playboy mansion for a private party, where she was introduced to founder Hugh Heffner.  She described the 88-year-old mogul as "really sweet" and said there was a good atmosphere within the infamous building.  "The mansion is really quite low key and relaxed," Elise said.  "Everyone just wants to have a good time and mingle, there was no bitching at all."  Despite talks of her taking part in a Playboy cover shoot this year, the humble starlet said she was not ready to be involved in the magazine, instead wanting to focus her attention on her acting efforts.



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