Ella Rumpf


Ella Rumpf is an actress famous for her role as Ali in War (Chrieg) in 2014 and Raw (2016)

Birthday: 1995

BornParis, France


Famous for: Actress

Twitter: @Ellelaella1



Ella Rumpf was born in Paris and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland.  Her father is a psychotherapist and her mother a lecturer. 

Rumpf went to the Steiner school and had her first taste of acting by winning the lead role in “Romeo and Juliet” at 14.

She appeared in her debut film at 16 years of age called Outdoors in Summer in 2011 directed by Friederike Jehn.

Ella won the role of Ali in the multi-award-winning feature film War (Chrieg), by Simon Jaquemet, in 2014 and was nominated ‘best supporting actress‘ at the Swiss Film Awards.  She shaved her head for the role.

She attended the Giles Foreman Center for Acting in London from 20132015 after completing her studies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in 2013.

Ella Rumpf starred alongside Garance Marillier in Raw (2016) and is due to appear in Tiger Girl and The Divine Order (Die göttliche Ordnung) in 2017.


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Annabelle: Ella Rumpf, are you glad that your hair are back longer?
Ella Rumpf: Actually. With every inch a piece of femininity came back – but unfortunately also a piece of uncertainty. With short hair I felt stronger. Now I feel more vulnerable.

Were you so much different with a bald head?
Yes totally. As a young woman with long hair, many thought me arrogant and superficial. With a bald head, I was suddenly respected, taken more seriously. I would never have voluntarily cut off my hair, but I am so glad I could make this experience.

Has your self-awareness changed in this way?
I guess so. Before the shoot I was a real girl. The long hair gave me an identity, security. I could hide behind them. And I knew how to play with the woman, how I could achieve things with my female charms. When the hair was shaved, it fell away. I suddenly felt naked. I thought I had lost all my attractiveness with my hair. With a bald head I had to reinvent my femininity.

How did you train these Ali-typical attitudes, this masculinity, which makes her feel unassailable?
This was not easy, of course, because the whole thing is so damn physical. The first thing they had shaved my head for weeks before the start of the shoot. This was already a big cut. Afterwards, I walked more and more in baggypants and hoodies, took box lessons and tried to work on my male attitude in everyday life – Simon Jaquemet, the director, for example, sent me on the street with a sock between his legs.

What was the most difficult thing?
To embrace this radical male style without feeling, I merely played a ridiculous caricature of a boy. In addition, Simon Jaquemet had a gloomy, introvert character for Ali. I myself am a pretty positive person. This darkness to Ali, that is not me.

And on the other days do you feel lonely? They were finally at 18 and almost left for London alone.

Yes, sometimes I feel lonely in this million-town. But actually I do not have so much time to feel lousy. The study is much too intensive for that.I am often at home around 10 pm, hardly go out.

In London?
Well, I just had little time to get to know the nightlife of London. When I go out, I usually go to the beer in a pub.

How independent were you when you went to London?
Well, yes. Cleaning I had to learn, I can still cook badly. And unfortunately, I’m not always able to do certain things in the period in which this is actually desired … But I try to burden my parents as little as possible. I do not want them to worry. Would they have reason for it? No, no, they can trust me; That’s all right. I am very honest with my parents.They know everything about me.

On the Internet, however, there is almost no information about you, even on Facebook you are non-existent, right?
No, no, I’m on Facebook. But because I was ashamed of my name for a long time, I signed up under a pseudonym. In the meantime, however, I have made peace with Ella Rumpf. When I first read the name in the credits of a movie, I thought: Okay, you can at least remember!

You are now 19. Which major questions of life do you usually deal with?
How the world evolves. I often wonder if all this is still normal, what happens out there. My generation has grown up in this flood of information. We can read everything, see everything, learn everything – but basically, I feel we do not know anything. Personally, I often feel very small and do not know which “truths” I can orient myself to. But that is why I do not want to live passively, I want to make my contribution to the good, even in the small.

Did the film change you?
I think as much as you change everything you do in life. As Ali I felt very strong, a bit of that feeling I took with me into real life.