Erica Ocampo

eocErica Ocampo
is an actress, screen writer, model, and make-up artist!  Popular for starring in the music video “Like a G6” by the group Far East Movement.

Birthday:  January 7, 1988

Born:  Los Angeles, California, USA

Famous for:  Model, Actress

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Tumblr: ericaocampo

Instagram: @_ericajuliet_

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Erica Ocampo is an actress, model, and make-up artist. She has French and Filipino ethnicity and was born and raised in Los Angeles.  As a young child her dream was to become a brain surgeon. Erica grew up practicing various dance styles from classic ballet on down to hip hop and jazz. She began modeling and acting at sixteen.

At seventeen she was the youngest person to ever become a MAC artist and was Nominated by Teen Vogue for having a career in the fashion industry as a teen. While still attending high school she also managed to get a black belt in Kenpo Karate and become the cheerleading captain for the Team that spawned Jordan Farmar.

In 2010 Erica Campo starred in the music video ‘Like a G6’ performed by Far East Movement.  ‘Like a G6’ was number-one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for three nonconsecutive weeks.  It was at this time Erica shot to popularity.

Erica Ocampo co-wrote and starred in the movie Death Rose released in 2014, and wrote and starred in the movie Last Call (2015).

She is currently dating Pro surfer Warren Metcalfe.


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If you could go on a surf trip anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hmmm… Well right now I’m in Bali and it’s pretty amazing! But I would love to visit the Philippine Islands, Australia, and Fiji.

You’d bring your boyfriend, right? Haha maybe I should! He’s the sexiest surfer in the world.

Do you surf, if so, where’s your favorite spot? I love to surf and my favorite spot right now is Padang Padang.

Did you do your photo shoot at Keramas on Bali? What was that like? I shot at Keramas for a sunrise shoot so it was really early and we arrived at 4 a.m. before pretty much everyone. I hardly slept but didn’t care at all because it’s one of my favorite beaches and it was so beautiful and totally worth it. I had so much fun out there!

What do you find attractive about surfers? There’s so much more inside than what the eyes see.

What’s your ethnicity? I’m half Filipino and French.

Tell us something about you most people don’t know: -I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. -I had straight A’s in School my whole life—I’m smarter than you think. -I have a black belt. -I was the youngest makeup artist to ever start a career with MAC cosmetics and got discovered as a model by working there. -People think I’m shy sometimes but you can ask me anything.

Anything else? I’m featured in Far East Movement’s “Like A G6″ music video (see below) as the lead girl; make sure you check it out because it’s my favorite song!

FHM Phillippines August 2015


So what brings you here to Manila? You’re a long way from California. I’m out here because I’m trying to get a producer for a movie I wrote. It’s called Maganda—it’s an action film.

Maganda? Like beautiful? Yeah! It’s set in the Philippines.I want to showcase the Filipino culture. It’s about a father who teaches her daughters how to fight and take care of themselves. I’m actually starring in it as one of the daughters, ha ha!

You pretty much have the maganda characteristic all covered. But how much about the Philippines do you know? I’m half-Filipino, half-French— my father’s from Pampanga. My grandmother raised me and she is also Filipino. I grew up with the culture all around me. But as for the language, I know, uhm, konti lang, ha ha!

What would you say is your most Filipino trait? I used to always be on Filipino time. But I’m working on it! I wasn’t late for the shoot was I? Ha ha!

Do you like watching Filipino comedy? English Only Please was very cute. I’ve watched it twice! I studied filmmaking. I’ve been writing all my life, but mostly poetry and stories. But I was shy about sharing them. Through film school, I found the writer in myself.

Who’s your favorite poet? Oh, I really love Charles Bukowski, a beat poet. I think poetry is cooler when you don’t really know the details. Like, well, you know, it can be about so many different things.

So, you like hiding things? Yeah! It makes people more curious about what’s being hidden, which adds deeper meaning to things.

Are you hiding anything from us? Gosh! Well, you know, I’m kind of hiding my boobs from the people staring over there! It’s like we’re sitting ducks here because of the strong rain. This is my first time being stranded at a photo shoot, ha ha! But it’s still fun with the FHM team here.

While we’re here, can you tell us about a thing that we won’t be able to guess about you? People are usually surprised because they don’t think I’m smart or funny. Even being a writer, it’s hard to be taken seriously. You try to tell them that there’s more to you, and they don’t always want to believe it.

That’s a shame. So if we want to know you better, what’s the best thing to do? Read my poetry. You can also watch my movies. But I also think you can learn a lot about me by chatting with me, just like this!

We sort of get the vibe that you like artsy guys… Yeah, I think I could only ever fall in love with an artist because other people find it hard to understand me.

We’re going to enroll ourselves in some art classes now. How artsy does a guy have to be with a girl like you? He has to love reading poetry. I really thought that I would never find true love, and I was okay with that. You get used to the freedom life has to offer. But I guess that’s always the time that you meet somebody who changes you—and that someone makes you feel like you don’t want to meet anyone else because you know he’s the right one for you. I guess you really have to meet someone like that to make you realize that you really can love again.

We weren’t ready for that! You seem to be quite the romantic… Yeah, I love all of it and I can’t get enough, ha ha! And I mean, all the romantic stuff—flowers, the prince, the castle, and the slippers on your feet—anything can be romantic. It’s the thought that is put into it that makes it special.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do for you? I’m thinking really hard, ha ha! Kissing in the rain? You know that’s always a hot scene in the movies, like The Notebook, I like that one. Kissing in the rain! What perfect timing. Yeah! Kissing in this rain would be pretty romantic too, ha ha! I guess another romantic thing would be if a guy would propose to me. I always have guys tell me, like, they want to marry me or I am the type of girl they would want to marry but no one’s ever gotten down on his knees and actually proposed. That would be pretty romantic. I don’t know if anything tops that.



[4] FHM Philippines (Photos by JERICO MONTEMAYOR)
[5] Thumbnail photo by Peter Svenson