Fabianne Therese


Fabianne Therese1Fabianne Therese is an American actress who has appeared in several indie films including Teenage Cocktail released in 2016.

BirthdayJanuary 16th, 1992

BornKansas City, Missouri, USA

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @ladyintofox

Twitter: @fabiannetherese

fullname Fabianne Therese Gstottenmayr



Fabianne Therese was born in Kansas City, Missouri.   She grew up in various places around the world as her parents moved around.  She has lived in Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Austria, Palm Springs, LA and Florida.

Fabianne had originally focused on becoming a track runner before getting involved in acting.

She has appeared in in several successful independent films including John Dies at the End (2012) opposite Paul Giamatti, The Aggression Scale (2012), A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (2013) opposite Charlie Sheen, and the AMC series The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks (2011) opposite Adam Goldberg.

In 2016 she appeared in the film Teenage Cocktail playing the role of Jules, a teenage runaway.

Fabienne’s “Things I’ve Tried Once I’ll Never Try Again”


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What does the word “romance” mean to you?

Romance is… it’s kind of like a dreamy idea of something. Or like the best version of something. I don’t know. I fall in love when I walk down the street every 50 seconds. Like, ‘I love this person and I love that person and I love that tree…’ But it’s genuine. I have a lot of real love and enthusiasm for lots of things, and maybe it doesn’t always last that long but it doesn’t really need to. Romance isn’t real, but you’re constantly striving for it.

Wow, that’s a really nice description! Do you feel like there’s a particular style of romance you wish would come back?

I feel like before phones and computers and “instantness,” you kind of had to stay with something. I like that. I feel like past decades really had that.

How does that factor into the way you dress?

I stick with the same things; my closet is the exact same as it was five years ago and my style hasn’t really changed that much. The more worn-in and loved my things are, the better.

Is there a common thread in the way you dress?

I think just a sense of elegance or timelessness. I always try to keep something that my mom would have worn as a kid in Sri Lanka.

Do you recall the first time you used style to express yourself?

I don’t recall exactly when that was but probably when I could first think thoughts. I was imitating things that I loved when I was a kid. I would force my parents to play Peter Pan with me. I literally dressed up as Tinkerbell to their wedding. I’m really into costumes.

Are there any movies or characters that influence your style?

I feel like you’re not allowed to say Audrey Hepburn, but just that kind of vibe. Or a photo from San Tropez in the sixties, some espadrilles and a flowy skirt; something that would look really good on the back of a Vespa. Any of those old films, they all have a classic element to them. Except the ’40’s. I’m not into shoulder pads. They look great on Katharine Hepburn, but not on me.

So, more Audrey than Katharine?

Yeah, I mean she looks so good in everything. But not just her! There’s Lana Turner or Lauren Bacall. Oh my god, Lauren Bacall, that’s what I wish I could look like every day when I walk outside the door.





Cycling class
I think that’s what ODing on cocaine feels like

Earthpaste toothpaste
Works about as well as “crystal deodorant” (but I have to finish the tube because for some reason I can waste money on so much useless nonsense but will never throw away toothpaste that hasn’t been origamied dry.)

EDM party
Rap or Pop any day of the week instead please. ( but actually I might… This girl likes to dance)

Jumping from a high diving board
Perhaps my scariest childhood memory. At least it taught me that I will never skydive.

Any interactive horror related excursion
Ex. Knotts Scary Farm……The one time I went to something like that I felt like I was going to throw up from fear and I just keep laughing to convince the Monsters I was having too much fun to be prey. But they still sensed my fear and attacked me.

Cutting my hair super short



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