Florence Hartigan


Florence Hartigan was born in the United States and raised in New Zealand.  She is the lead actress in Phoenix Forgotten (2017)

Birthday: N/A

Born: New York, United States

Famous for: Actress, Singer

Instagram:  @fl0bie



Florence Hartigan was born in New York.  She later lived in Ireland and then New Zealand where she started her acting career.

Hartigan played a guest role in Shortland Street, the longest TV drama in New Zealand.

As a young actress she later had a lead role in Vanessa Alexander’s feature film Magik and Rose, and featured in TV shows, pilots and award-winning short films.

Florence studied Film and Theater at the University of Otago and University of California.   After completing her studies she moved to Los Angeles to continue her acting career.

During this time Hartigan played in several short films and TV series such as The Witch of Portobello: The Peter Sherney Chapter (2008) and Entrance (2012).  She acted in the lead role of Sophie in Phoenix Forgotten (2017).

Florence Hartigan is also a writer and producer.  In 2013 she wrote, produced and acted in Comedy Central Studios’ web project Bro Dependent. In 2016 she wrote and produced the video short Rebecca D: The Bachelor Audition Video.

Florence Hartigan is also a musician. She sings in venues in Los Angeles and New York and also writes music for films and TV series.


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