Garance Marillier


Garance Marillier was born in Paris and was a musician before turning to acting.  She is known for her lead role in Raw released in 2016.

BirthdayFebruary 11th, 1998

BornParis, France


Famous for: Actress

Twitter: @GaranceMarillie



Garance Marillier learned the trombone and classical percussion at the conservatory of the 11th arrondissement.  In 2009 she started theater at the Dyonis company, then joined the Cours Florent in 2010 and at the Ecole du Jeu in 2012.

Garance Marillier began her acting career in 2011 by playing Julia in the short movie Junior by Julia Ducournau.   The film was selected for viewing at the Critics Week at the Cannes festival.

Garance appeared in the short movie It’s not a cowboy film in 2012 which was again selected to be screened at Cannes.

She continued to star in short movies every year until she landed the lead role of Justine in Raw (Grave) in 2016 starring alongside Ella Rumpf.  The movie allowed her to collaborate again with director Julia Ducournau.


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[INTERVIEW] Entretien avec Garance Marillier, la révélation de « Grave »

Before you immerse yourself in his universe, were you familiar with genre cinema?

I was totally unfamiliar with this kind of movies and today I still can not watch a horror movie.Still, I love movies of Lynch and Cronenberg but once it goes further (like Saw or CannibalHolocaust), I can not stand. In fact, I think Grave is the only horror movie I saw and yet, it does not really matter!

Let’s talk about your performance in “Grave”: Have you had a certain freedom in the composition of your character, especially in terms of his state of mind? I think especially of the scene of “the mirror”, which says a lot about the metamorphosis of Justine, only thanks to your game.

Yes, I had a lot of freedom to play Justine. There was much discussion of the character with Juliaduring the preparations and I gave a lot of me. She knew what she wanted and since this is a very good director of actors, there was no more pleasant than listening to his instructions and trust him.

[CAUTION, LIGHT SPOILERS] Concerning the stage of the “mirror”, obviously I’ve built from my “dance”, this way of moving my body rather clumsily in the early and progressively more assertive. Then, during the filming, Julia told me “Drop the eye, licks the mirror, etc …” all these indications. It’s our way of working together. [END OF THE SPOILER]

How was shooting with two other playmates, namely Ella Rumpf (Alexia) and Rabah Nait Oufella (Adrien)?

My relationship with Ella and Rabah was just too good. Rabah lives in the same street as me since we are kids but I confess that since he is older than me, I was super scared of him. Now we get along as a dog and a cat!

Ella, it was known very shortly before the shooting but it was immediately hooked us. We share many things in our lives that make a fraternal relationship quickly create between us.