Gybzy Wanida

Gybzy Wanida Termthanaporn
Gybzy Wanida Thermtanaporn (วนิดา เติมธนาภรณ์) is a Thai singer and actress.  Known for her sexy shorts in band Girly Berry.

Birthday:  September 10, 1983

Born: Thailand


Famous for:  Singer, Actress

Twitter: @GybzyGB



Gybzy studied Political Science at the Ramkhamhaeng University.  But she has never been back to the University to collect her Bachelors Degree.

In 2002 she became a member of the girl band Girly Berry.  The first album flopped and the record label (RS) changed the members image from J-Pop to a more sexy look with shorts for the next album in 2004.

In 2003 she starred in the movie Club Zaa…Pid Tum Ra Saeb.  She then continued to appear in various movies and TV dramas.

In 2014 Gybzy released her own single “Do not stereotype (Do not cha)” and “Ya Mano” with Baitoey RSiam.

In 2014 she won Best Supporting Actress Award 2014 from the Bangkok Critics Assembly for her role in Krien Fiction.

List of TV Dramas

  • Wai Rai High School
  • 18/80 Peurn See Mai Mee Sua (2003)
  • Neur Sai Tai Fah
  • Soi 3 Siam Square (2006) with Tack Parunyu Rojanawuttitum
  • Rot Duan Kabuan Sood Tai
  • Mongkut Dok Som (2010 – 2011) with Aun Witaya Wasukraipaisarn
  • Dok Som See Thong (2011)
  • Bumbat Ruk Bum Roong Sook (2011) with Beam Kawee Tunjararuk
  • Chuay Duay Krap Pom Rak Look Sao Jao Por (2011) with Dan Worrawech Danuwong
  • Ga Gub Hong (2013) with Beam Kawee Tunjararuk
  • Wiwa Paa Cha Taek (2013) with Oun Rangsit
  • Mae Lueak Koet Dai (2015)


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Everyone should stand on their own feet as fast as possible. I’ve had this idea since I was 14. I don’t know what made me think like that. I just don’t believe we should rely on others, even our parents.

No one can take care of you as well as you can. You must live with yourself for the duration of your life, so be steadfast. The more you can rely on yourself, the better life gets.   I never thought I would become a singer. I just wanted to do anything that would make me money.

Life isn’t a bed of roses. I auditioned for commercials and did screen tests over and over again for a year but nothing came of it. I was so discouraged. I later had a chance to be in a music video for [record label] RS who later recruited me as part of Girly Berry.

I didn’t expect to be a sex symbol. I actually debuted as a cute girl, a kind of Japanese Harajuku girl, in my first album with Girly Berry 10 years ago. After it flopped, RS decided to change our image and put shorts on us—and bang! People really loved it. Now we can’t wear anything long anymore. It’s not the Girly Berry style.   I knew they were really short. But I didn’t expect that wearing shorts would be such a big deal.

An artist must have a unique character. You can’t sell only your talent. I was a singer with no talent or skill at all. But all I’ve done is practice. In the end, I realized I’ll never be the best singer or dancer. My strong point is just being myself.

Fame gets you special treatment, both good and bad. People might offer you free stuff, but there will also be those with prejudices.   I’m not a slut, like in my MVs. Who can be sexy 24/7? I just dress my best for work, but at other times I’m just being myself dressing casually, wearing shorts.

….Gybzy surprised the entertainment industry when she was cast by internationally acclaimed director Pen-ek Ratanaruang to play the lead in his seventh feature film, Nangmai (Nymph), a co-production between Five Star Production and German film house Fortissimo Films.

“When I was told Pen-ek had cast me, I was very surprised,” she recalled. “After reading the script, I thought the role was not exactly for me. The lead character is a housewife in her mid-thirties and I am just a childish 25-year-old girl.”  “I guess it was my hairstyle I had at the time of the audition. It was a bit short and it made me look a little older. So, I assumed it was the reason why he cast me,” she said, jokingly. “It was guilt. Gybzy looked as if she had done something wrong and was afraid people would find out. So I chose her based on that fact. My casting director protested that she wasn’t at all like the May in the script,” he said.

In the end, said Pen-ek, Gybzy inspired him so much that he decided to re-write the script just to have her in his film. And this May, Nangmai, was selected from 1,500 films worldwide to be one of 20 candidates in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. Gybzy, together with Pen-ek and leading actor Nopachai flew to Cannes to be present at Nangmai’s world premiere. “I was thrilled when I was told about my trip to France, the fashion kingdom!” she said, laughing. One thing that shines brightly in Gybzy’s words and personality is her innocence and unpretentiousness.

“To be honest, I knew very little about Cannes, and had no clue why people would rave about it. Before, my life had been heading in a dance and music direction,” she said. “Once I got to Cannes, I wondered whether a girl like me would ever have the chance to attend such an important event again in her life.”

“There, I learned what the film industry is all about. It is incredible how millions of people around the world admire the art of cinema. I’m so glad to have landed this role and be heading in this direction.” “Ten years ago, I was just another young girl, hanging out around Siam Square,” she recalled. “One day, I was approached by an agent from a modelling agency. That’s how my life in showbiz began.

“And Nangmai is my second film so far,” she added. In 2003, Gybzy first appeared on movie screens in the teenage film Club Zaa Pid Tamra Saab. “What has happened to me was unplanned, being a singer or an actor. My biggest dream when I was a child was to become a teacher. It was the only practical career I could see myself in.” Wednesday, July 1 is marked for the Thai premiere of Nangmai. According to Five Star Production, the film was recently invited to be screened at the Pusan Film Festival. Gybzy said she is excited that Thai people will get to see the film. However, Nangmai, for her, has more meaning than just a trip to Cannes.

“Since the day I stepped into the entertainment industry, many people have judged me from the way I look, the outfits I wear and the way I dance with my band mates.” “I do care, but all I can do is be true to myself and never let people’s comments drag me down,” Gybzy concluded, keeping herself sassy and cool right to the last minute.



[4] Maxim Thailand July 2015 (Photos by Weerathakorn Chaunchean)