Inamura Ami

ami_inamuraInamura Ami 
is a model and Japenese idol, who in hit the headlines in April 2015 when she starred in a commercial for Toyota.

Birthday: January 13, 1996

Born:  Tokyo, Japan

Famous for:  Model, Idol



Inamura Ami is a Japenese idol and model, who in 2015 was still seen as new to the scene at only three years.

Ami attended school in Tokyo.  She played baseball for nine years from elementary school through to junior high.  For three years in junior high, she played as pitcher and first baseman in Japan’s senior league.

She shot to fame in April after starring in a commercial for Toyota where she is seen taking a professional stance as a batter in a round of baseball, wearing businesswoman entire, and then smashing the ball into the air.

The video and has been viewed over six million times on YouTube.

Inamura has entered as a contestant in Young Animal’s ‘Queen Battle 4th Season’.  Voting is taking place until December via their website –


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I’m dedicated to baseball.   My first position as was a pitcher. How fast could I pitch?  It was never measured but was around 100 km.  Although this sounds, like, slow and say a ball was coming towards you at 100 km, in a batting centre of a cage size of 10 km.   I played in Junior high school for three years and was a member of the senior league.  Speaking of the senior league, it is a treasure trove of talent whose aim is to become pro in earnest….

My career as an idol has been about three years. Although it’s still nice to say that it’s a fledgling career, it has been frustrating in moderation. “I’m not depressed but have a much simpler personality. If there is a bad thing, just forget it ( she laughs).”

– Recently, what did you do a Internet search for?
Inamura Ami’s “God swing” , I searched for me!  Since the reaction of everyone was a concern, I was happy to see the what had been written.



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