Ishikawa Ren


Ishikawa Ren is a Japanese model and actress.

BirthdayJuly 18th, 1993

BornTochigi Prefecture, Japan

Famous for: Actress, Singer

Instagram: @ren_ishikawa

Twitter: @renreeeen_

nickname – “Renpun”



Ishikawa Ren was born and raised in Tochigi City.  She attended Kokugakuin University Tochigi Junior High School which had strict regulations on the colour of the students hair.

Ren attended Musashino University majoring in Global Communication.  Ishikawa graduated from university in March 2016.

Ishikawa Ren was scouted at the age of 19 and then had a chance to enter the entertainment industry.  She appeared in magazines such as Weekly Hyundai but struggled to gain popularity for three years.

Ren was offered to appear on the cover of a movie called Movie Billigar in 2015.  She also appeared as an impersonator at Ariyoshi Reflective Association in February 2015.

She starred in the movie The Killing Curriculum in 2015.

Ishikawa Ren has recently appeared in movies Scoop (2016) and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (2016).

Ren also stars in Tokyo Tarareba Girls (2017) based on the manga series Tokyo Tarareba Musume.

Ishikawa Ren is signed with management division Tenkarat.


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[3] Weekly Playboy Jan 2017 [Photos: Luckman]

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