Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez messed upJacqueline Fernandez
, winner of Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006, former model and now a famous Bollywood movie star.

Birthday: August 11, 1985

Born:  Sri Lanka

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @jacquelinef143

Twitter: @Asli_Jacqueline



Fernandez was born into a mixed ethnic family, her father is a Sri Lankan and her mother is of mixed Malaysian and Canadian ancestry.  She is the youngest of four children.

She started hosting TV shows in Bahrain, when she was fourteen years old.  After graduating in Australia, she moved to Sri Lanka, staying with her grandparents.  There she joined a Television station reporting and investigating mainly on political turmoil.  She accepted offers to join the modelling industry and she was crowned as Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006.

In 2007, Fernandez appeared in a music video for Sri Lankan music duo Bathiya and Santhush.

Jacqueline Fernandez made her Bollywood acting debut in 2009 in fantasy movie Aladin, loosely based on the Disney movie.  She has appeared in several movies since her debut and has now completed shooting for Chandran Rutnam’s crime-thriller According to Mathew, an English-Sri Lankan film, awaiting release.  She has also completed filming for her Hollywood debut titled Definition of Fear.

In early 2013, she became the ambassador for mobile phone maker HTC and their One model which she endorses in India and, she was chosen as the face of Indian Bridal Fashion Week—IBFW of 2013.

In 2014, Fernandez was named “Woman Of The Year” by PETA (India).


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How is Saif Ali Khan as a co-star? On the very first day of shoot itself, Saif was very warm, encouraging and supportive. It's nice to have someone who is still learning the ropes of the trade and gives you that time and patience you need. Saif is a great person both on-screen and off-screen.


Born in Sri Lanka, what drew you towards Bollywood, which is completely different from your nationality and manoeuvres?  It was not something that I had really planned for. It was actually just an opportunity that presented itself. So it was strange because I knew people in Sri Lanka who were working very hard and setting up an agency here in India. They started calling me up for different kinds of modeling assignments, shows and other stuff which I was taking on. At a later point in my life, I realised that this is a career that might be able to work for me. Rather, it is actually kind of working really well for me and I am getting such a good response from the people. So I thought of trying it out and I moved here for a little bit of time. Within that first month, I was able to crack into the 'Aladin' crew. That time, I just felt that this is something that is knocking on my door right now and I kind of need to grab it before it’s gone.


You were dating Sajid Khan. Are you in a relationship?  Yes, I was dating him but I am now single and very happy. And I am not dating anyone currently.

Do you look forward to being in a relationship?
 I do, as I feel it is an amazing thing to be in love and feel loved in return but right now, my priorities are really different. Currently, I am getting that love and affection from my mom and dad and my family and I am giving it back to them and that is actually driving me. It's more than enough for me right now.


“I was naïve and silly as a kid...I always wanted to go out and explore, so I spent most of my time with my brothers, climbing roofs and goofing around. But I loved my Barbie dolls too, so I was this confused kid, who didn’t know whether she wanted to go out and play football or sit at home and dress up her dolls!” So did she want to be an actor from the start? “I always knew I wanted to do something glamorous. I used to watch a lot of Hollywood cinema, including classics, so that was my only exposure to 70MM,” she says. It was only later that she realised Hollywood might be a tough dream to achieve. “That’s why I started doing TV,” she says. “I was like, ‘Okay, TV I can do, reporting I can do, anchoring I can do, hosting I can do. I don’t know how Bollywood happened. I honestly don’t. It hit me out of nowhere, took me by surprise. I had never spoken about it, and it never even crossed my mind. I guess destiny has a funny way of getting you to your path and surprising you,” she adds, in a serious voice.


One thing you fear losing  My willpower

One thing you always carry in your bag  Hand sanitizer

Food or sex  Ahhhh…it’s a difficult one (laughs). Sex is there for reproduction and food is there for survival. How do you choose between the two? They both are needed for survival so I have to go with both (smiles)

Cheesiest pick-up line used on you  I don’t think anyone has used a pick-up line on me



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