Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez is a R&B singer, helming from Canada, who released her album Kiddo in 2017.

Birthday: 12, 1991

BornToronto, Canada

Famous for: Singer

Instagram: @jessiereyez

Twitter: @jessiereyez



Jessie Reyez was born on June 12th, 1991 with Colombian roots. Her interest for music started at a very early age.   She views her father who played the guitar as her source of inspiration.  Living in a family surrounded with music she started singing at the age of 3 and recording herself on tape at the age of 8.  Jessie had a passion for dance and music which was visible through her school years where instead of doing homework she attended dance rehearsals.

Reyez joined the Remix Project, a art school for the young, and had a chance to work with the rapper King Louie on track Living in the Sky in 2014.   She met Chance the Rapper through King Louie and became close friends.

In 2016 Jessie Reyez she released her first single Figures which she created it in Sweden with Preist and the Beast and Shy Carter.  The video has over 1.5 million views and made her a  famous name.  Her next single Shutter Island made her more visible to popular artists.  In April of 2017 released a 7 track album called Kiddo and a video for track Gatekeeper.


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How has Toronto shaped you as an artist and a person? Is there a strong artistic community there?

This city is such a mosaic. It has shaped me by allowing me to hold on to my family’s Colombian roots and also be influenced by other cultures and imported music, despite being born in Canada. The diversity here produces this weird colorful little mutt that is Toronto music.

I feel like there is a strong artistic community here. Obviously the OVO movement has helped make the city’s musical contribution global and there are so many talented artists and producers here working to get to a bigger stage as well; Savannah Re, Jhyve, Junia-T, Moose, Allan Rayman. So many. All dope and all grinding.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Can we look forward to new music?

Yes. It’s coming. I promise. I’m making sure everything is just right. I can’t wait to perform the whole project live. I can’t wait to have my folks at a big show. I’m so thankful that people have reacted to “Figures.” I’m so thankful for the help from my immediate team and the community around me.

I saw some covers on your YouTube and Facebook—do you have a favorite song to cover?

Yes. It’s a tie between “Too Much” by Spice Girls (dead ass!) and “THat Part” by ScHoolBoy Q.