Kai Marie


Kai Marie 2Kai Marie is a Japanese TV and Movie star who has appeared in various Kamen Rider movies.

Birthday: June 13, 1980

Born: Aso District, Kumamoto, Japan

Famous for:  Actress


full name – Megumi Marie Kai



Marie Kai was born in Kumamoto Prefecture.  She attended Ichinomiya Municipal Junior High School where she attended music and ballet lessons.  In the third grade she enrolled in the Aso boys and girls choir.  In school Kai was good a athletics and was chosen repeatedly for the relay races and also volunteered for the swimming tournament.

Marie Kai attended the Performing Arts Academy.

From childhood she has been the fan of the Takarazuka Revue opera and watched them every year in Hakata.

In 2005 she made her first appearance on TV..  From 2006 April from 2009 she was the weather forecaster on the morning show Onlooker Plus.

Marie Kai has been represented by various talent agencies, Cent Force, Staff-Up and Oscar Promotion.

Marie has been on a variety of TV shows and dramas, recently she appeared in Death Kun and Loneliness of Gourmet.

She has also appeared in movies Kamen Rider and various commercials.


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– Addicted to anything other than sports?

I was a fan of Takarazuka since I was a child, we went to the theater in Hakata every year. Sometimes there was a performance even in Kumamoto.  When I was in kindergarten and elementary school sometimes I went out to Osaka. I wished to join them, but was very busy in school, I was part of the nationwide brass band and I had been in charge of the clarinet and with extracurricular activities.

– You been active in musicals and opera?

I did go from high school to the school of performing arts. I failed a landing in a rehearsal and had a serious fracture in my legs. One month after the fracture of the leg, and was going to the hospital with crutches every day. Since the summer vacation of lessons galore had planned, would free the gaping time, it is now likely to decline.  At that time from the musical teacher was it is said that the idea transformation “Please be sure other study, ‘s revelation from heaven that”, I saw a lot of movies and dance and video.  If there is time even now it has to be various absorption by looking at the video and movies.



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