Katayama Moemi

Katayama MoemiKatayama Moemi (片山萌美) 
is a Japanese G. idol, who represented her country in the World Miss University 2012 contest.

Birthday: October 1, 1990

Born:  Tokyo, Japan

Famous for:  Idol



Katayama Moemi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  She attended Reitaku University majoring in Economics.

When she was 19 she attended talent training school, her parents were already actors on TV and Stage and she was inspired to be an actress.

In 2012 she was a contestant in the World Miss University pageant and won category Miss Japan Nature in an Idol Pageant.

She has made several appearances on television;

BS-TBS “women, eat the meat.”
TBS “All-Star Thanksgiving 14 ‘Spring” Assistant
TBS Variety “爆問! Strongest Candid Camera Festival”
NHK BS Premium “Locking Gakuen 2013” assistant navigator
TBS “All-Star Thanksgiving 13 ‘fall” Assistant
BS Fuji Cafe Nescafe “Harajuku Book Cafe”
BS11 “Magic channel” MC assistant
CX and “Love coming out”

And popular mens magazines such as Young Jump and Weekly Playboy.


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Yipe, ridiculous! In great response from the first appearance at the time of September. To but there was I of its youth to the suit without adult charm ... I had already drifted style of big game! 

When it was the first day of the shooting, I was nervous. ... To not know exactly what to do in front of the camera. It was a little embarrassing to be in a swimsuit in public.  To not even know the size of swimwear that fit me...

- Oh, it might certainly not to be in proportion  too your wonderful body. By the way, were you so breasts so large in high school?

In elementary school in year six, I had D cup size. My height was 161 centimeters. 
By the way, what was your nickname at the time of high school .... 

Moe sister (Hey). 

Truly "Moe sister" (laughs). In the first place it is has entered history in this world? 
I auditioned for talent training school at the time 19 years old. My parents were also actors on TV and stage.


Did you know…

  • Katayama likes reading and watching movies
  • She’s good a classical ballet, can play billiards and basketball.



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