Kelly Harris Bernal

kelly bernalKelly Harris Bernal is a Fillipini model who has appeared in FHM and Penthouse magazines.

Birthday: ?

Born: Phillippines

Famous for:  Model

Instagram: kellybernal_



Kelly Harris Bernal is named after her dad’s surname and middle name who is half-Spanish Filipino and Australian.

Kelly has appeared as a model for Penthouse and FHM magazines.


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FHM Philippines 

Harris-Bernal sounds weirdly Filipino…
I’m using my dad’s middle name and surname. He’s half-Australian and Spanish-Filipino, that’s why it sounds like that.

That’s an interesting mix. What culture would you say projects your personality most?
Well, I was born and raised here in the Philippines, so I would say Pinay na Pinay talaga ako. But I do look like a foreigner kaya akala nila minsan di ako nagta-Tagalog, ha ha!

Do you think you intimidate people because of how you look?
Yeah, which is so unfair. Like, dude, yeah I look like a snob but when we start talking you’ll realize that I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet!

So, what kind of guys approach you?
Foreigner din usually, ha ha!

But what do you prefer: Foreign men or Pinoys?
Pinoys, of course! Filipino men are sweet, funny, and caring.

And as a half-and-half, how would you describe Filipino women?
Well, most of my friends are Pinays and I can say that my Pinay friends are nicer than my Aussie or foreign friends because Pinays are very caring, sweet, and they always take care of me whenever I get drunk!

You get drunk often?
Yup! Syempre, kapag gumimik kailangan malasing, ha ha!

How often do you go out?
Once a week usually but it really depends with my friends. If they want to go out then I’ll join them!

Do you like meeting guys during your nights out?
Not really. I mean, I’m open to make guy friends, but most of the guys I have met in clubs, they usually just want talk you into going home with them or just make out with you, ‘di ba? Like, I know how you guys think! Ha ha!

Are you friendlier when drunk?
Sadly no, mas snob ako kapag lasing!

Do you think that clubs are still an ideal place to go and meet women
Masyado na yatang obvious yung gusto nilang mangyari kung sa club dahil even yung ibang girls, gusto lang maka-meet ng good looking guys, ha ha!

Is that how you met your boyfriend?
Nope, we met at a club! Sorry, ha ha! But hey, we lasted three years!





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