Kim Tae-Ri


kim-tae-ri1Kim Tae-Ri is a South Korean actress best known for her sensual role in The Handmaiden.

BirthdayApril 24th, 1990

Born: South Korea

Famous for: Actress



Kim Tae-ri joined the Kyeonghee University Department of Mass Communications to study and become an announcer.  Kim had a number of jobs while she attended school and worked at a KFC, newspaper company and cafes.

She started her path to her acting career modeling in TV commercials.  She appeared in a number of short movies in 2015 such as Moon-young.

Kim made her major film debut in Park Chan-wook’s film The Handmaiden (2016) where she was chosen from among 1,500 candidates who auditioned for the role.  The film contains explicit sexual scenes between her character Sook-hee and Kim Min-hee (Lady Hideko).

Kim Tae-ri was grateful for director Park Chan-wook and his consideration and affections as he filmed the bed scene with a remote controlled camera.

Tae-Ri was awarded ‘Best New Actress’ for her outstanding performance in The Handmaiden at the Busan International Film Festival in 2016.

Kim Tae-ri has been cast for the leading female role in the movie Little Forest which began filming in January 2017.


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Were you nervous about being part of The Handmaiden? It is your acting debut and the role of Sook Hee is rather complicated and layered.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. But Park said he was confident that he could lead me. And my fellow cast members, being veterans, were really good at guiding me. That was a plus.

Was it awkward doing kissing and bed scenes with Kim Min Hee?
I’ve liked her even before I found out that I would be acting in this movie with her. It was a great experience to work with her on set and I learned a lot. She is a great actress. She always made sure I felt at ease.

Were your parents against you taking on such a sexy role for your first movie? Did you have to convince or reassure them that everything was going to be fine?
I told them only after I decided to take on the role and there were no objections. They were very supportive.

Did you watch erotic movies such as Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013) and Carol (2015) to prepare for your role?
I did not specifically look up these movies for my role in The Handmaiden, but I had already watched them. I watch a lot of movies in my free time.

You were at the Cannes Film Festival in May with Park and the cast. How was the whole Cannes experience?
It was not only my first Cannes experience, but my first time in Europe. I was very nervous and pretty thrilled. Aside from (promoting) The Handmaiden, I also went to two other screenings by myself and it was a great experience. Unfortunately, I did not manage to see many stars.

What kind of roles do you hope to take on in the future?
I want to become a great actress. Life is something that I need to experience for myself, rather than set a direction for things to work out. So far, I have been living with this mindset and I will continue to do so. But one thing I’d like to do is become more flexible and a little more free-spirited. I want to have many different experiences.