Laura Lydall


lauraLaura Lydall is a Australian model who has appeared in controversial commercials and a number of magazines.


BornMelbourne, Australia

Famous for:  Model, Fitness

Instagram: @laura_lydall



Laura Lydall is a Melbourne born Australian model.

She is well known for appearing in commercials for UltraTune, auto service centres based in Australia, with Parnia Porsche.  They have been nicknamed the ‘Rubber Girls’

In 2014, Lydall appeared in an Ultra Tune advertisement wearing black latex which appeared to state to BDSM connotations. The Ad Standards Board received numerous letters of protest saying that they were objectifying women and they found it to be discriminatory towards women and in breach of section 2.1 of their code of ethics.  However the controversial commercials were reinstated just one month after they were removed.

Laura has continued to appear in UltraTune commercials and hit back to criticism in 2016 with an open letter media outlets.

In 2015, she launched a reality TV show in Mexico where a 50 girls compete to be ‘Miss Swimsuit’.

Laura Lydall also works as a personal trainer.  She tries to find the best gyms all over the world while travelling for the campaigns.

She has starred on the cover of Maxim in Australia on two occasions as well as appearing in various other magazines.


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What have you been up to since then?
I’ve been travelling all over the world for shoots and events. I recently shot a cover with MAXIM South Africa! This year has gone so quick and I’ve been flying to America and Europe so much that when I get on a plane these days they practically know me. I’ve also filmed three new TV commercials for the Ultra Tune Unexpected Situations series and this month I’ll be filming a few episodes of a TV show in America.

Tell us about the latest Ultra Tune Unexpected Situations advertisements and why they are controversial.
Ultra Tune wanted to evolve their messaging and came up with the Unexpected Situations campaigns. These demonstrate the benefit of getting your car checked or serviced at Ultra Tune so nothing goes wrong when you’re on the road and they offer roadside assistance when something does go wrong on the road. There shouldn’t be any controversy around these ads — they are empowering to women NOT offensive and we play the role of strong women. These ads are also fun and light-hearted, with a slight Hollywood flavour.

As one of the two Ultra Tune Rubber Girls what are your duties?

I attend many events supporting the national franchise network and am constantly doing photo shoots for their in-store collateral, website and banner ads which you will see when you visit their site.