Lauren Blake

Lauren Blake is a social media sensation from California with over 350 thousand followers on Instagram.

Birthday: na

Born: San Francisco, USA

Famous for: Model, Social Media

Instagram: @laurenblakee



Lauren Blake grew up in San Francisco.  From the age of 15 to 23 she worked in hospitals and medical facilities in aspiration of becoming a physicians assistant and specialising in cosmetic dermatology.

On Halloween in 2014 Lauren posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a Greek goddess costume.  The image went viral and was re-posted on other popular sites and her instagram followers shot upwards to 40,000 overnight.  She was scouted and offered her first contract and over the next few years her followers exponentially increased.

She began balancing school, work and social media. Blake was offered an academic scholarship to attend Arizona State University and began studying Biological Sciences and Communication. She was a full time student, worked 2 jobs, mentored other students, won the Emerging leaders program, held office in her sorority, and still found time to travel the world and create content for her social media. She graduated with a Cum Laude honors degree and grew her following up to a few hundred thousand.

Modelling began becoming a top priority.  Her first publication was Flawless Life Magazine and she has been featured in a variety of publications. She has been a freelance models for brands such as Executive Styles, Public Figure and Sucia Life. She acts as a social media influencer model to the top fashion brands on the internet such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing and Oh Polly.

In the summer of 2016 Lauren made it publicly known on social media that she and Dan Bilzerian, another social media sensation, traveled to Italy, Czech Republic, and a few other European countries. She highlighted this trip on her Snapchat story, while he posted a few photos on his social media accounts.


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We Interview Lauren Blake And She Shared Her Secret Project With Us!

1. How did the world of social media start for you? – Social media was never a large part of my life; just a way to stay interactive with my close friends. On Halloween of 2014, I sewed together my own Greek goddess costume and posted it on Instagram. A college page with a massive following got ahold of the picture and it went viral. Next think I knew, I was being reposted on tons of popular pages that feature women and my following shot up from 13,000 to upwards of 40,000 seemingly overnight. From there, the brand deals and marketing opportunities came rolling in and I began to see the potential of social media.

2. Favorite platform to create on and why? – My favorite platform hands down is Instagram. I don’t use Twitter ever and Snapchat is fun to document minor events, but there’s no interaction. Instagram, though, has such a potential to really connect with your audience. I can talk to fans in my direct messages, post stories of what my everyday life consists of, and I can also post on my wall whenever I want to show my followers some cool content I created.

3. You’re all about the positive vibes, how do you maintain the positivity? – Positive vibes, yas! Here comes hippie Lauren! If there is one message that I could put out into the world, it would be that positivity is a choice. In every situation you have the power to control your mentality and see the good in people or circumstances. If you wake up grumpy, remember that it’s all mental. Take a breath, think positively, hold a smile for 30 seconds, and then go on and see how you feel. If you send out good vibes into the world, they will come back to you; no one enjoys negative company! I try to see the light in any bad situation and go off of that when making choices of my actions.

4. How important would you say education is while maintaining a social media presence? – Education is by far the most important aspect of life! Now I’m not saying sitting in a classroom is vital, but mentally growing and expanding your knowledge on subjects is crucial for personal growth. You were not born on this earth just to survive, you were born to learn and apply that knowledge to further our world. Think of how far we’ve come since our grandparents?! Social media is a great tool to learn, whether it’s watching cooking or fitness videos to get in better shape or seeing entrepreneurial inspiration pictures to get you motivated. Myspace,, and Vine were all social media platforms that were popular, then disappeared. Instagram may one day be a thing of the past, but the education you received from it or from other sources will stick forever.