Lena Temnikova

lenaLena Temnikova
 (ЛЕНА ТЕМНИКОВА) a singer, former member of girl group Serebro, one of the biggest and sexiest bands in Russia.

Birthday:  April 18, 1985

Born:  Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast, RSFSR, Soviet Union

Famous for:  Singer

Instagram: @lenatemnikovaofficial

Also known as Elena Temnikova, Lena Vladimirovna Temnikova



Lena Vladimirovna Temnikova was raised in Kurgan.  During the end of 2002 she moved to Omsk for few months and then to Moscow where Temnikova currently resides.  Lena (Elena) started to study music when she was five years old; she was playing violin and singing in the choir.

In 2003 Temnikova came to media prominence as a contestant on Channel One talents show Star Factory.  She was spotted by Maxim Fadeev, the main producer of Star Factory, and signed a recording contract with Fadeev’s recording company Monolit Records.  She then joined Serebro, a girl group formed by Fadeev.  Serebro – consisting of Temnikova, Olga Seryabkina and Marina Lizorkina.

Lena Temnikova took part in another show called Last Hero. It was 24/7 live show about life on a far from civilisation island.

Serebro represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song “Song #1” and won the 3rd place, behind Serbia and Ukraine.

After their successful performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, Serebro has rapidly become one of the most successful artists in Russia.

In 2010 it was rumoured she would be marrying Maxim Fadeev.  However put her career first, there were rumours also that she was unable to break out of her contract.

In 2012 there was a large amount of gossip and rumours on her sexuality as she was caught passionately kissing Olga Seryabkina.

She married in 2014 with entrepreneur Dmitry Sergeev.  On 15 May 2014 the official Serebro website reported that Elena had left the group.  Elena prematurely withdrew from the group Serebro, her initial plan was to leave in December 2014. The reason for this was the deterioration of her health, quoted Super.ru words PR-Director of the staff of Catherine Jargon.  It was later announced it was due to pregnancy by Fadeev but she claimed this wasn’t true.

She gave birth to her 1st child at age 29, a daughter called Aleksandra Sergeeva on 27 March 2015.

In April 2015 Lena released a new solo single called Towards (Навстречу).


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ANNA KORYTINA (Correspondent of Cosmopolitan Russia): Is it difficult to work in a female group?
ELENA: ‘A female group’. It sounds more frightful that it is in reality. SEREBRO is our team. We are as a family. There are not a fight for a place under the sun. We don’t have a leader and any privileges. Instead there are warm attitudes. I can say that we are more than friends. I feel myself very comfortable.

CORRESPONDENT: But is there a sort of competition?
LENA: Well… I admire our band girls. I’d like to have the same ass as Olya Seryabkina has, or slim legs as Nastya Karpova has. What competition is here? If you want them, you should go to gymnasium and work.

CORRESPONDENT: So. You believe in female friendship. Is a friendship between man and woman possible?
LENA: I have some male friends and I’m sure there won’t be our sexual or romantic relations with them. They are as relatives for me. But some of them told that they thought sometimes about me as a potential girlfriend. So I believe in a friendship with men but I don’t know whether they could be the friends of mine or not…

CORRESPONDENT: What kind of guy do you like to treat him not only as a friend?
LENA: He should be charming, self-sufficient, well-educated, and kind-hearted. If we talk about money, then he should have material basis. This is especially important if you would like to have children, get them good education… But money is not a main thing. I know that my man won’t be a tycoon.

CORRESPONDENT: If you must choose between career and love . what would be more important for you?
LENA: Sometimes ago I really had this problem. I had to choose to be in the band SEREBRO and work with renowned producer Maxim Fadeev, or build their relations with Artiom, the brother of Maxim. It was hard. I like Scarlett O'Hara, told myself: "I will think about it tomorrow." That was a decision for my future and I didn't have enough guts to solve something. In the end other people made a choice made instead of me. I have no regrets. As you see, I'm in the band and I have good memories about Artem.

CORRESPONDENT: You were a presenter of the TV show "Real Love"… The essence of the project is in attempts of participants to deceive some experts. Can you lie?
LENA: When I was a kid I lied a lot. Moreover I deceived Maxim Fadeev even in details. I thought it was harmless lie but then I understood if you deceive someone, this lie becomes your burden. I don’t want to have it now. That’s easy to live without it. What is more, I feel when other people deceive me. I can understand it but it is vexing for me, I prefer a truth, even it would be bitter.

CORRESPONDENT: You and Maxim Fadeev are the countrymen. Does it help you to work together?
LENA: Well, I don't know how it affects our relationship. That’s easy for us to work together because we are from one city or he is just a really nice person. , Maxim so we can work together. However that may be, he’s a close person to me. I understand him well, respect and appreciate him…

CORRESPONDENT: Have you often visited your native city?
LENA: Last time I was in Kurgan about two years ago. My parents, grandmother and sister now live in Omsk. So I visit them about 2 times per year. I am from a doctors’ family. So when I come to my parents, they treat me. I'm accustomed to this and even in other countries drop in drugstores because I cannot find some medicines in our chemist's shops. I like to buy pills, adhesive tapes, and disinfectors.

CORRESPONDENT: If you were in Kurgan, what place would you visit first?
LENA: Probably it’s my school. I am very grateful to my teachers because they took me as was and didn’t try to subdue me, although I was very complex girl, often played truant. The teacher tried to understand me. They understood that physics and mathematics won’t be useful for my real life.

CORRESPONDENT: Is it true that you had registered in the child's room of the militia (* police)?
LENA: Yes, I had. I fought when I was a child for justice... Such a life.

CORRESPONDENT: Are you able to hit someone now?
LENA: Once I hit Olya because I was worry much about her. She got lost in a foreign city and we couldn't find her. I was scared for Olya and when we found her, I didn’t hit but just pushed her. Olya in response bite me strongly. I had traces of her teeth on my cheek for a long time… I’d like to study capoeira but don’t have enough time for that.

CORRESPONDENT: What’s a difference between life in Kurgan and Moscow?
LENA: In Kurgan there had always been the sun, large stars, clear air…, and white snow. Everything is clean and fresh. It’s not a big city. Many people know each other. You can without any problems to go to your neighbors to ask some eggs and salt to cook a cake. And after that you give some pieces to them.

CORRESPONDENT: Do you like to cook?
LENA: Yes, I do. I like cook for myself and my friends. I prefer delicious and useful food. For example, I can not live without soups, so I can cook all their sorts except rassolnik (*soup with spicy cucumbers).

CORRESPONDENT: Are there any products which you have banned for yourself?
LENA: I have a rule: Eat what you want. If you want to eat a piece of fancy cake at night, you may eat a cucumber or drink some yogurt but… you don’t get pleasure. Anyway in the end you eat a piece of cake. Our bodies are smart. You should relax and give it free rein… I cannot call myself a very slim person, but I don’t want to be anorectic. Excessive thinness is not good.

CORRESPONDENT: What sports do you do?
LENA: Really I want to go running in the morning, but I can do it only in summer, because I catch a cold very quickly. Instead, I always take a skipping-rope to our tours: it doesn’t need big space in my suitcase. It and I are inseparable. I jump every day. And I do morning exercises on my balcony for 5-10 minutes. That's quite a bit but I get vivacity, energy and mood till the evening.

CORRESPONDENT: What do you take to your tours else?
LENA: I have some old movies on my laptop. I like to watch them. I prefer the best Soviet movies. They don’t have any special effects but they are the sincerest and kindest films.

CORRESPONDENT: Would you like to act in movies?
LENA: Yes, I even participated in some tests but I don’t have enough experience and knowledge. I am interested in comic and dramatic roles. I think I can be different.

CORRESPONDENT: And what about the eroticism?
LENA: It's not for me. I believe that love and sex are private things of you and your beloved person. I would have never been able to be shot in such films.

CORRESPONDENT: But SEREBRO has made very provocative music videos ...
LENA: Well…Yes.. I have calling and sometimes even vulgar image. Bright appearance is the desire to be the center of attention. Perhaps it is the display of some complexes. I'm not ready to analyze it very deeply. I may say that my image is not what I am in reality.

CORRESPONDENT: How do you choose clothes for you? Do you direct toward fashion or your mood?
LENA: Honestly, I hate shopping. From shopping I get dizziness. After half a day at the store I become close to hysterics. So I go to the store when I know exactly what I want to buy. I usually don’t like to spend money for clothes. Fashion industry is big business and it forces us to change clothes every three months. I think that clothes should be high-quality, clean and inexpensive. I’m not interested to spend my money for prestigious trends. For the last half a year I have bought two or three things. But I’m always ready to spend money for my car.

CORRESPONDENT: How long have you driven?
LENA: I have driven for a year and half. I really like to drive and traffic jams don’t make me mad - I have time to think, listen to radio. So the studying the traffic rules was not a wasting of time for me… I like driving much.

CORRESPONDENT: Do you violate the traffic rules now as many experienced drivers?
LENA: No, I don’t. The traffic policemen stopped my car sometimes because it’s very beautiful white convertible Mercedes. They were interested to see who had that car.

CORRESPONDENT: And when they have seen you ...
LENA: They have always recognized me! All people have known me. I don’t know why many artists and singers dislike when people pay attention to them. I like it. Sometimes I get gifts from people, receive discounts. It’s pleasantly.

CORRESPONDENT: If you like attention why have you not registered in the social networks?
LENA: I have no time for it. I think it’s wasting of time. By the way there are many fake accounts: some people post my photos and write something on my behalf. It's a shame that there are 10-year-old kids who write nonsense with many grammar mistakes.

CORRESPONDENT: How do you connect with the fans?
LENA: Maxim Fadeev Producer Center often arranges interesting meetings with our fans. We've been –roll-skating together, hiked in a park, visited a café together.

CORRESPONDENT: And how do you spend your weekends?
LENA: I give myself a chance to relax. As a rule, I sit at home, invite friends or visit to their homes. I go to the gym or walk. Sometimes I can relax all day in bed with a book.

CORRESPONDENT: What are you reading now?
LENA: William Thackeray's "Vanity Fair". That's my reading. I read with great pleasure. I love Dmitry Bykov as a publicist, journalist and a human being. I'm his little fan.

CORRESPONDENT: How do you see your life in 10 years?
LENA: (Long pause) ... Happy! I have dreams. I have plans ... But I feel I am not ready to talk about them yet.


Temnikova gave her candid interview for Woman.ru. In fact, the reason for leaving the group were vocalist health problems, and the media are given information about pregnancy, in which the singer was not as yet..."Fadeev did not call even when I was in the hospital. In the group Serebro the atmosphere was tense and nervous. Настя Карпова (Nastya Karpova) was afraid to comment on that. The day before her interview called her and offered support," - says Elena.



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