Love Aksenov

love aksenov6Love Aksenov
is a Russian TV star and movie actress.

Birthday: March 15th, 1990

Born:  Moscow, Russia

Famous for:  Actress

Instagram: @bioenergy

real name – Lyubov Aksenov, or Lyubov Aksenova or Lyubov Aksyonov


Lyubov (Love) P. Aksenov grew up in Moscow.  Her mother was a health worker, she worked in a drugstore for 20 years, and her father was in the military.  Since childhood Aksenov showed creativity speaking on almost all school matinees and concerts.  At the end of the school Aksenov entered arts school GITIS (Workshop Scheinin).

After completing her studies in GITIS, the actress starred in her first TV series ‘Our neighbours’ in 2010.  Further, the actress received a leading role in Cristina Panfilova multi-season TV series ‘School Closed’.

In 2013, Love Aksenov starred in the film: “The best woman of the Caucasus” .  Her popularity rose and quickly took off after participating in the filming of the show ‘survive’.

By the age of 24 Lyubov Aksenova took on 16 known projects. The most famous work with Aksenova awarded “Kinotavr” Michael Segal – a “movie about Alekseev” and “Stories”.  She had the chance to star in two high profile films with Svetlana Khodchenkova and Maxim Matveyev in the film ‘Likes dislikes’ and the thriller ‘Homeland’.

Love Aksenov is married to producer Pavel Aksenov.

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Maxim Russia November 2015

By the way… Did you think about the reader? They may say, looking at your pictures in a bathing suit, and you’re married?
I’m just really like this, and I am happy so far. Four years have passed, and very cool that nothing has changed.

Then share the experience of you husband, how you live happily and for so long and be so sexy. We are all interested.
I always rely on a man. And if he has delivered me in the woods, then he got me there and he has to take me out.  Well, people have to accept each other for what it is, and recognize not only their strengths but also weaknesses. I understand that I was not prepared for dinner, not because I’m a bad hostess. I know that men need more there, but sometimes I just do not have time. In the second
ond, the couple must have the confidence and determination.  And a retained degree of freedom. This means that no one no one is calling every ten minutes and checking where he was and with whom. And the third, is also an important ing: people should be able to hear each other and recognize when something is wrong.

Have you always dreamed of becoming an actress?  I never yearned to become an actress, though, as every little girl, a child really wanted to be the centre of attention, standing on stage, that all looked at me. But it is about the movie or the theatre never thought rather imagine that I will sing, such as Britney Spears.
And what a turn affect the way that you become an actress?  It is pure coincidence. When I was 16 years old and I graduated from high school as an external student, he was going to enter the university. And somehow we had a conversation with my mother, and she recalled the MAT program about which we once saw. Actually, it is proposed to try and enter the theater. My mum has a catchphrase about the fact that we are “not lose a cow,” I decided to try to prepare and did it. At first I went to pieces in GITIS for a single course. All were already creative competitions, and I literally fell on the last evening to Andreev and Scheinin, and one of the last ten, they immediately called me for the competition. Lucky was in the right place at the right time and got to the right person, who saw the potential in me.
Tell us about the first love, fell in love with you before I met my husband?  Before meeting with her husband seemed to me that every time I fall in love for a lifetime. But after a meeting with her husband turned out that all that was before, it does not matter. He proposed to me three months after they met, but I have a feeling that we have known each other all our lives! He never ceases to amaze me, and every day I learn and discover in it something new.
How did you two meet?  We were introduced at the premiere of my first film, short film, called “wild rose”. I invited my friend Pete, and he came with his friends. That day my friend and I exchanged a few words literally, and his companions, I almost did not notice. And when they met a week later, Peter was Pasha. He saw me at the premiere of Pete and asked us to meet. As I said, it is the producer, is engaged in the production of film and television projects, design and even computer games. He is much that is interesting, and it is a very open person.


[2] Maxim Russia November 2015 [Photos Igor Cher-ing]